May 22, 2005

A message from Pat O'Brien

The following appeared on the editorial pages of the Dispatch/Argus Friday.

Dear Citizens of Moline:

I wish to publicly thank everyone who was involved in so many different and wonderful ways during my recent campaign for mayor of Moline. It was a truly gratifying experience to realize such loyal support while equally overwhelming to see how much people wanted to give of themselves by donating their time, their financial and their moral support to me and my family as we journeyed the long campaign road.

When someone refers to running for office, that's exactly what it is – “running” from day until nightfall. The excitement is like none other in life and can prove very taxing after a while. However, as disappointed as we all were on April 5, I would not have changed anything about my campaign except the outcome. Today, I am not tired and do not despair, yet rather I stand proudly looking back at the accomplishments that have been made by me and my team, and I anticipate only the good that will come to us in Moline's future, and hope that I can continue to be a working part of it.

Quite a few nice surprises occurred along the busy trail of constant campaign events, concerns and adventures that made up our grand plan and for those involved in those experiences; we have shared a strong bond that can not be broken while holding close such priceless memories that are more worthy than words can express and will always be shared spoken and unspoken in our mutual times together.

In the modern day bash and run of today's ugly political campaigns both on the local and national level, the O'Brien for Mayor Campaign was a simple proud creation consisting of pure issues and ideas of vital importance to the average person who gets up and goes to work daily and pays their taxes. All those associated with the O'Brien Team can point with both honor and dignity to the upbeat platform we shared and the standards we set by constant focus on the naked truth of the official city council record.

The O'Brien Team never felt we had to use negatives in our message, and for that we stand tall and proud as a group of everyday people who truly care about the future of our Moline. We held a standard that did not allow for any other groups to represent us or tarnish our shining ideals but kept always focused on the importance of only the issues each day as we labored as a team to do the work at hand.

I recently spoke on the council floor in my official office as an elected representative a final time during my fast-expiring term after eight years of service, and a new face will take my seat. For those of you not in attendance, I shared my thanks with the city staff for making the council look good at all times because of their hard work, and I thanked the citizens for working with me shoulder to shoulder to effect some good changes while voicing their opinions on such matters as they came before the city.

I may not have agreed with everything that came before me but that is not your job as an alderman. If elected, you must have the convictions to stand tall and if you feel something is wrong, have the guts to stand in opposition. My belief is that an elected official does not simply fill a seat but is placed there by the honor and will of the people, and the job is to consider all the facts yet listen hard to those he represents so then to honestly represent the opinion and action that best suits the entire city and all its citizens.

Some of you know that I do actually run (or slowly jog) on our city streets as a form of physical exercise so it's safe to say I will never stop running for something. I hope that we will continue to greet each other in the days ahead for many years. My final word for now and to all is that I will be there for all of you in need and I will be hoping for only the best for the City of Moline.

Pat O'Brien, a former 2nd Ward alderman, was a candidate for mayor of Mollne.

Let's hope we see Pat serving our area in some capacity soon. He will be missed in city government.


At 5/26/2005 7:07 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

A class act - O'Brien will be missed on the Council.

At 5/27/2005 12:51 PM, Blogger Miss Manners said...

I hope that Mr. O'Brien will throw his hat into some other political arena!


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