April 23, 2005


Oh my. Yet another Republican displays their true colors. Just what sort of vision for the future do they have?
Is it just me, or is their constant drone that government is the enemy while they themselves control government and will resort to anything up to and including murder* to gain power more than a bit insane?

And isn't it more than a bit disturbing that Republicans around the country routinely make the most outrageous, ignorant, irresponsible, and vicious statements, statements much worse than this one, without any apparent fear of backlash or censure? (Delay recntly saying that judges who don't rule the way he likes should be made to "answer" for it someday, or Bush's Sec. of Education referring to teacher's unions as "terrorist organizations", to name just a couple that come to mind.

Iowa Senate Republican Assistant Leader calls police officers, teachers, and others "bottom-feeders"

On April 20, 2005, Senate Republican Assistant Leader Mark Zieman specified a list of public employees which he referred to as "bottom-feeders" during Senate debate.

At issue was a Republican effort to change House File 729, a bill updating the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS).
Transcripts and audio files of the statement available through the link above.

* I refer to the 1998 case of Byron "Low Tax" Looper, the Tennesee Republican who murdered Tommy Burks, his opponent in a state senate race. (Looper actually had his middle name legally changed to "Low Tax" so it would appear on the ballot.)
More here and here.


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