April 29, 2005

Big Al's back

The Nation does a cover story on Al Gore and his efforts to launch a progressive news network, which has somehow morphed into a youth cable channel "Currents".

What began as an effort to challenge Rupert Murdoch and the right-wing domination of the corporate media has transformed into a business proposition to lure a youth audience with lofty rhetoric, new technology and pop-culture content. Gore and Hyatt didn't have TV experience, so they ceded creative control to industry people who did. Along the way, "democratizing" the media--their buzzword from the get-go, which they described as giving space to ordinary young people--became more important than politics or elevating television's dismal content. What emerges on August 1, Current's launch date, could re-semble an interactive grad-school version of MTV.

Al also recently gave a speech to an Moveon.org audience covered on C-Span where he expounded on a range of issues including the current controversy over Republican efforts to change senate rules to effectively alter traditional checks and balances and fill the courts with radical right wingers, otherwise known as the "nuclear option."


At 5/04/2005 10:41 PM, Blogger MississippiRiver said...

Please, Mr. Vice President, figure out another role than presidential candidate. As a Democrat, I am still disappointed that you blew the 2000 election. You had the best economy in 50 years to run on, but nooooooooo you and your hundreds of advisers said "No, you you have to pretend you didn't ever serve with Bill Clinton."

For that miserable strategy, you got defeated. You acted like the congressional sheep of 1994 who did the the same thing -- pretend they weren't in the same party as Bill Clinton.

You know what, Al Gore and others,
when you allow your opponent to keep you on the defense you lose.

Bill Clinton understood that. Maybe that's why he served two terms in the White House, the first Dem since Roosevelt.

Back to Tennessee for you, Mr. Gore.


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