April 26, 2005

"Gilligan" hopes to get off the island

It's already becoming a joke.
Brian Gilliland's friends call him "Gilligan" -- a name he says will appear on the ballot as he runs for U.S. Congress to try to unseat the current captain ... err... U.S. Rep. Lane Evans D-Rock Island in 2006.

"The time is right for change in our district," Mr. Gilliland said. Mr. Evans "hasn't been doing his job recently. We've lost too many jobs. I can bring fresh ideas to the job.

"We've been on an island of shrinking opportunities, left to fend for ourselves. We've been stranded on this island for way too long."

Mr. Gilliland is the second Republican to announce a Congressional run against Mr. Evans.
Methinks that "Gilligan" has aborbed a few too many blows to the head with the Skippers cap.
Mr. Gilliland said his recent dealings with Aledo as he tried to start a subdivision fueled his Congressional ambitions. The city wouldn't budge with certain infrastructure ordinances and has made his effort to start building a little harder.
Now there's a rock solid reason to run for office. Personal profit! At least he's upfront about it. After all, if there's one problem facing our area that everyone can agree on, it's the lack of government welfare for businessmen. Businessmen such as "Gilligan" shouldn't be required to follow laws, rules, ordinances, zoneing laws and such crap.
Sheesh. Somehow I think that like his TV alter-ego, this "Gilligan" is never going to get off the island.

(and since when is Lane Evans referred to as "Mr. Evans"? Shouldn't it be "Rep. Evans" or "Congressman Evans"?)


At 4/26/2005 6:38 PM, Blogger RepublicanJoe said...

Congressman Evans time has come!! I am not sure Gilligan is the man, but enough is enough folks... he has no vision, he has an abysmal record on economic sustainability for his district, his staff is getting old, fat, and cranky, the arsenal is THIS close to closing every BRAC, jobs leave his area in droves, his economic development team has been non-existent and asleep at the wheel for the past 8 years + and all the little democrats can do is scream louder and be more negative everytime someone even mentions the fact that Parkinsons DOES hurt his abiltity to do his job. Being 90 minutes late to a sub-committee report on the future of the Arsenal, and not asking ONE question does not cut it. Lane was lucky he did not have to face Railsback, otherwise he'd just be another single Rock Island lawyer. I know this falls on deaf ears because everyone here is either a Jacobs or a Boland afficionda, but Demos, your time is up at the helm of western illinois.... if not this time soon,.,,

At 4/26/2005 9:54 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

Here Here, Republican Joe! It is about time for someone to come forward without any moral compunctions about discrimination on the basis of physical disability! For far too long, Republicans have brandished their prejudice with a base alloy of hypocrisy and pretext! Good for you, republicanjoe, for coming out and saying what the rest of your party thinks but does not say. The God that you Republicans invoke for the purpose of gaining political power is a wrathful one indeed. There is no place in his Heaven for gimps or queers.

I, for one, agree with you. After all, why SHOULD we be represented by someone who has the misfortune of an affliction with Parkinson's Disease, when there are so many potential candidates out there who do not suffer from physical disabilities?

While we're on the subject, if you ask me, they should have gotten rid of the Pope the first time his hand trembled! That cripple's time had come and gone years ago! And, of course, Dennis Hastert is fat. We should get rid of him. God knows that obesity creates a veritable plethora of health problems, all of which might interfere with his ability to serve as Speaker of the House. And don't get me started on Rehnquist! Can you BELIEVE that our Supreme Court is led by a man afflicted with cancer!? If God meant for him to preside over our high court, he would not have afflicted him with a terminal disease!

Americans with Disabilities Act my ass! I do not know WHAT those Democrats were thinking when they enacted legislation to protect those weaker than us. I am sick and tired of wheelchair ramps and Braille elevator buttons. It's about time we bring back good ol' stairs and blind people getting off on the wrong floor! God created physical disabilities for the purpose of separating the wheat from the chaff. So let's get rid of the chaff and start electing the wheat!

Indeed, republicanjoe, it is time for the poor, the weak and the disabled to get out of the way. For the republicans are coming, backed with the invocation of an angry and wrathful God, unburdened by the annoyance of compassion for the poor and the weak, unfettered by the hindrance of fundamental protections guaranteed by a once great Constitution.

At 4/27/2005 1:05 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

A big "Damn right!" to Dissenter.
But you forgot to add that if a politician can't walk in parades and read the news on TV, why, what the hell good are they? Evidently that's what the Repubs think we need. Local news talking heads! They're the only ones qualified to lead us, damn it!

Of if there's none of them available, lets get some former sports star or coach like the Repubs do out west. They're big and strong... not too bright, mind you, actually some pretty dim bulbs, but they're STRONG and MANLY damn it!
That's what this country needs. Not competence, thoughtfullness, intelligence and good judgement. We need GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE to lead us!!!!

If the public ever realized the true Republican agenda, the prisons would be stuffed with them.
The entire party is based on marketing and PR. In other words, bullshit.

Sell the candidates like laundry detergent. And lord knows a pretty face helps sell the hogwash.

People struggling with physical ailments are just too "real" for the public to buy. It's much better to go with an empty vessel that knows how to deliver lines.
That's been the Repubican M.O. for decades now.
Candidate, schmandidate, just hire a spokesperson.
They elected a cartoon action figure as Governor of California after all.

And Lord knows that we should have gotten rid of that crippled F.D.R. before he enacted the most successful social programs in history and led us to vicory in WWII. At least it could have saved the Republicans all this work They're doing trying to bamboozle the public into believing that throwing it all away is actually good for them.

At 4/27/2005 1:08 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

And as to Republican Joes comments re: the future of Lane's seat. I point out that he's ignoring an important scenario.

Supposing that Evans' voluntarily leaves his seat, a strong Dem could emerge from the primaries and mop the floor with whatever spokesmodel the R's dredge up this time.

Don't make the mistake of presuming that if Evans goes, an R replaces him.

At 4/27/2005 5:18 AM, Blogger none said...

Dissenter and Dope: you guys are funny! ( I mean it, good sarcasm), and you are excellent in propelling the issue of Parkinsons to the number one issue-- when indeed, in order of the problems with lane is his lack of vision, (truley demos- where is he leading our district? He is just holding on now and keeping this seat warm, for the last 2 terms)his economic record,(72,000 manufacturing jobs gone in the last 10 years in the 17th, with a 11% unemployment rate in Galesburg, a 7 % rate in Decatur (I know he just inherited that city), the spectre of closing the Arsenal every time it comes up, and his 282 votes AGAINST appropriations for military spending that would help the arsenal. I mean I will compliment him on pork when he brings it home. However, when is the last time he brought some home? and then finally now his Parkinsons and its effect on how he does his job. It does impede his ability to do the job-- the functioining, the ceremonial, whatever. He misses votes, he is late for committees, he does not ask questions in committees, he has not passed a meaninggul piece of legislation in... well I don't know when, he misses out on functions he should be at and sends surrogates far too many times. An electorate needs to see, touch, feel, their elected officials, they have to be intertwined as part of the community. Lane simply can't anymore, and it hurts everyone. Not just democrats. I might add, the comment that the republicans might fill up the prisons cuts both ways... watch for the story to break on money illegally funneled to decatur by your RI County Dems for Lane, another illegal transaction.. now 2 in 2 years, and your governor just stepped in a big pile of crap at the CMS. Its a cylical gentlemen. the party in power eventually implodes and the other is waiting in the wings, rarely though do we learn...

At 4/27/2005 9:37 AM, Blogger hud50 said...

we all know its a democratic district. who is lane's successor? anyone from the new part of the district down south (springfield/decatur) considering a run when lane steps aside?

At 4/27/2005 10:20 AM, Blogger Independent1 said...

Isn't Lane retiring?

At 4/27/2005 12:08 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

If Dope and I are going to be tagged as a "duo," I would just like to go on record as saying that I am the brains of the operation. Dope is the muscle.

At 4/27/2005 2:24 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I got a lot of weight-lifting done in the joint.

At 4/27/2005 2:44 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

And R Joe... thanks for your comments. I hope you continue to offer your views and opinions.

But I hope you're speaking for yourself when you say we want to touch and feel our candidates. Ewwwww. haha.
I mean, Denny Jacobs is a fine guy, but I don't really want to "feel" him. He'd probably punch me out if I did anyway.

And I suggest that the cermonial aspect of a politicians job is certainly unimportant. It's done mainly for the politicians benefit, not the public's.

I'm certain that the vast majority of politicians would LOVE it if they didn't have to spend so much time attending ceremonial events. They take up a lot of their time and take away from their being able to do real work (or just relax, for that matter)

Just imagine if politicians didn't have to spend any time on fund raising or ceremonial stuff. Wow. Then they'd really have to produce something other than fluff and hystronics. It would make their lives so much better and would likely result in much more effort being devoted to the business of representing their constituents.

And late for committees? Hell, most politicians would wish that they could just use cardboard cut-outs for those anyway. Unless they're televised, it's mostly for show anyway.

And the use of surrogates in Evan's case is not particularly a bad thing. They're just as capable of listening, speaking, and reporting back to Evans. In his condition, using others to be his eyes and ears isn't a bad thing, in my opinion.

That said, Evans can't serve forever, and there needs to be someone with a lot of appeal to replace him on the Dem side of things. Perhaps a lack of such a candidate is a factor in Evans' deciding whether to continue to run?

At 4/28/2005 3:25 PM, Blogger relevant1 said...

I imagine we'd hear a much different story from you guys if Evans was a Republican.

At 4/28/2005 6:29 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Boy, nothing gets past you relevant.

If Evans were a republican, I for one would want him out of office as soon as possible. If he were a Republican, he'd be dangerously wrong on so many issues and so much in thrall to the elite economic class that I'd do everything I could to get rid of him.

But Evan's is a Dem, and he holds views and positions that I very much agree with.

Glad to see that you have alertly recognized that there's a difference between the parties.

At 4/29/2005 4:19 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

I find the comments by the Republicans against Congressman Evans very desperate and sad as well as disrespectful of a man who has served his district in a nobel fashion for over 20 years. These people who derride our Congressman insult not only Lane but other people who live and work among us with disabilities by their cruel and uninformed comments which are shared in such a hateful manner.

The note above about different views strictly based on partisan politics applies to this situation most certainly.

The Republicans have been trying to knock Lane Evans off for years and can't get it done in the ballot box - which greatly pleases me since none of their candidates have ever shown me even 1% of understanding of the system and no concern for any issues of importance to me personally.

Get real folks -- For gosh sakes, prior to his death of old age and illnesses, the Republicans sent Strom Thurmond home to an honest to gosh real live hospital each night for the last term of his Senate service-- when he was pushing 100 years of age -- and pumped Strom full of drugs each night simply to then roll him out to the halls of congress each morning once again to hold onto his seat -- and the Democrats respected him --despite his actual 100% disability - mentally as well as physical.

I see Lane in his district quite often and he's doing just fine. I am hopeful that Lane will continue to serve us for many more years and that he wants to continue to serve--- as we are truely lucky to have such a fine Representative in the 17th district in Illinois.

He has helped my friends and family out numerous times with big problems and it would be our loss if he decided not to serve us anymore.

I say this and mean it "Thank Heavens for Congressman Evans!"

At 4/30/2005 9:15 PM, Blogger youngdem503 said...

This district should be thankful for Lane Evans; he is a man of compassion and honesty (two characteristics Republicans lack, that's probably why they don't like him). As for the comment about his staff, that's just dumb, I have met some of them and they are good hard working people.

Lane is sponsoring legislation, the latest piece, a veteran's bill, he teaming up with minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Lane Evans has also indicated that he will seek another term, which is awesome, as long as he runs he'll have it.

If Lane decided to call it quits I think there are plenty good dems that could run like Judge Walter Braud, Mark Schwiebert, even the man himself Denny Jacobs.


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