March 10, 2005

That's it, they're too dumb to drive

Incredibly, yet another truck driver has managed to ignore the Vegas-like blinking lights and several other warnings posted for miles along Brady street and gotten their truck wedged under the railroad bridge near downtown Davenport.

It's been a while since the Dope's gone down Brady, but as I recall, there's several warnings, starting almost out to I-80. There's large signs, and impossible to miss warning lights. A person would have to be comatose to not notice them, and just plain idiotic to ignore them (or at the very least not aware of the height of their vehicle, which is dumb to say the least.) And a driver would surely see just by sight that the bridge is too low for any standard height truck to fit under.

Anyone that STILL gets their truck wedged under that bridge is simply too stupid to operate a heavy vehicle (or tie their shoes, for that matter) and should have their license to drive trucks yanked immediately.

Short of that, they should erect a lighted billboard with the heading "Wall of Shame" over the bridge with a list of the names of every dunce who managed to evade the obvious and jam their trucks under the bridge.

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