March 26, 2005

"Like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders"

The GOP, in another show of just how little regard they have for reality, has been embarked on a massive effort to convince blacks that the party that represents their interests best is the Republican party, not the Democrats. This is lunacy, of course, but there's been a steady stream of heavily subsidized blacks being marched out to tout this line.

Of course, in the imortal words of the father of former Senator J.C. Watts' (Still the one and only black republican senator in history, who resigned in disgust after being taken as the help at too many GOP events), "A black person voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders."

No matter. Reality is a no longer a basis for Republican policy, strategy, science or anything else, for that matter.

Wayne Perryman is flogging his new book, "Unfounded Loyalty" attacking the Democrats and laying out the peculiar fiction that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln, while the Democrats are the "party of lynchings." He currently earns cash as an erstwhile radio host and according to his website, as a "fact-finding investigator in discrimination cases for the plaintiff." Why a plaintiff in a discrimination suit would hire a guy that thinks racial discrimination no longer exists, I don't know.

Perryman has appeared on C-Span and talks in an exageratedly dramatic style of a preacher, and his entire case is built on a small part of the Democratic party of about 60 years or more ago who were blatantly racist. No matter that most of the racist Dems later became prominent Republicans, or that the civil rights measures passed by Dems has lost them the south ever since. But that doesn't stop him from intoning that the Republicans are the black person's natural home, and the Democrats are only out to destroy them.

Then there's the absolutly whacko black preacher making the rounds by the name of Jesse Lee Peterson taking rubes for their money flogging his book "Scam"

His appearance on C-Span's Washington Journal stood out for it's outrageousness, and on a channel where the very weirdest regularly make their opinions known, that's really saying something. You just have to see him to believe him. The insanity just drips off of this guy, and seeing him leaves you wondering just what it was he got hit in the head with.

His audience is a bizarre mix of confused whites looking for justification for their resentment of blacks, racists, and white supremacists who just love the way Jesse Lee hates blacks as much as they do. Unfortunately, the show is no longer available for viewing on the C-Span site. A little flavor of Peterson can be gotten from this Media Matters for America account.

His appearance reminded me of the sketch on the Dave Chappell show where Chappell plays a blind black man who has grown up to become a virulent racist. Since he always wore a KKK hood, no one was ever the wiser. Then at one fatefull KKK rally, after whipping the audience into a racist lather, he takes his off his KKK hood and continues his racist rant while the audience sits slack-jawed and stunned. Hilarious! But Jesse Lee isn't funny, he's scary-nuts.

Peterson's hatred of Democrats rolls off his tongue, blaming them completely for every woe black people have ever suffered. Blacks only salvation is to practice his brand of religion and joining the Republican right, according to this guy.
But most disturbing is his clear loathing for black people, and black men in particular. It's apparent in almost every venomous line that comes out of his mouth.

The list of blacks out touting the right-wing line is so long it could be considered a major career path for any black in the media business. The money's there. Just ask Armstrong Williams who was paid almost $300,000 by Bush's Deptartment of Education just to flog "No Child Left Behind" in his columns, radio show, and TV appearances on pundit shows.
Terry Holt, former Bush/Cheney spokesman and RNC official, appears regularly as the right wing host on Crossfire to energetically parrot the RNC line and defend even the most eggregious Republican sins.

It's a massive and lavishly funded effort, as is most every propaganda campaign from the right. Their warped view of history should not be allowed to stand unchallenged, and the Dems will suffer if it is not responded to. After all, it shouldn't be terribly hard to refute the distorted views being put out by these pundits.


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