March 25, 2005

David vs.Goliath in R.I. mayoral race

Mark Schwiebert, Mayor of Rock Island for the past 16 years, has said that his next term will be his last. But challenger David Kimbell is hoping to short-circuit those plans in the general election April 5th.

Kimbell owns a "mobile sporting goods" business, whatever that is, and cites as his education a certificate in law enforcement from Black Hawk College.

He's previously run and lost for county board in 2002 and lost a write-in campaign for 6th Ward alderman in 2003. Now he feels he'd like to be mayor.

Both candidates sketched out their views on various issues such as the impending move of Casino Rock Island to the southwest area of the city in an article by Kurt Allemier in the Dispatch/Argus.
If the Casino Rock Island gets approval to move to a south Rock Island site, Mr. Schwiebert says the armory, located near where the casino boat is currently docked, should be used for residential and retail space and a green space should be created. Any project should compliment The Arts and Entertainment District.

Mr. Kimbell says he appreciates the increased revenue a new casino site might bring, but he has environmental concerns about the project. He would use the armory as a multi-sport complex, offering basketball, martial arts and other programs.
Did I mention Kimbell sells sporting goods? I don't think Schwiebert will lose any sleep over this race.


At 3/25/2005 8:36 AM, Anonymous puzzler said...

Environmental concerns about the proposed Casino site? Filling in a former rock quarry triggers what environmental concerns? This isn't the first time I've read this, but I've never read exactly what the "environmental concerns" are?

At 3/25/2005 9:28 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I'm not sure it's going to be on the site of a rock quarry. That general area is all swampy floodplain. That sort of land is very precious these days as it's been all but wiped out, and it's crucial for flood control, water quality, and is a very important habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife.
Actually, usually states demand that if someone fills and develops wetlands such as that, that they dredge or create an equal amount of wetlands somewhere else.

I can't say I'm certain, but I am assuming that's what the concern is about.


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