March 15, 2005

Judge ruling impacts Illinois DCFS

In a ruling made public Monday, a judge ruled that separating children from their families during abuse investigations by the Illinois DCFS is unconstitutional.
U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer did not fault DCFS in her ruling, which was made public Monday. But the judge found ``ample evidence'' that families suffered psychological and emotional injuries because the separations of parents from their children lasted more than a ``brief or temporary period.

"When an investigator expressly or implicitly conveys that failure to accept a plan will result in the removal of the children for more than a brief or temporary period of time, it constitutes a threat sufficient to deem the family's agreement coerced, and to implicate due process rights," [Judge] Pallmeyer wrote in her 59-page opinion.


At 9/02/2008 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to hear that scumbag Erwin McEwen APOLOGIZE.
Illinois DCF$ is a corrupt, incompetent, renegade bureaucracy with a communist philosophy that uses Gestapo tactics under a veil of secrecy to operate above the law and outside the moral norms of society to harm children and destroy innocent families while wasting millions of the taxpayers money.

The last thing we need is more government psycho-psychiatrists, psycho-psychologists, psycho-therapists, psycho-counselors and psycho-caseworkers who would be out of work were it not for Illinois abducting children based on HEARSAY AND LIES, and HOLDING THESE CHILDREN HOSTAGE until the parents consent to be treated like laboratory rats undergoing psychological experimentation based on JUNK SCIENCE and VOODOO PSYCHOLOGY.

The state has granted the worst kind of people power far in excess of their intellectual capacity and moral integrity, and has created a bureaucracy that attracts the worse kind of sick sadists who perpetrate a fraud on the juvenile courts of Illinois with their lies and misrepresentation of families and conspire to defraud the federal government by holding children in foster care far beyond any reasonable need.

DCF$= Government at war with families.

We need laws with teeth to put any DCFS agent, enabler, cooperator or collaborator in PRISON for any abuse of power especially the seizure of children whose life is not in danger.

The HARM child protective services does to children with its wacko procedures and policies is well documented by intelligent researchers, but the political hacks and child traffickers are not going to give up all those $$$$$$$$$$ just because they are harming children.

Don't think the lazy, stupid caseworkers do anything in the best interests of the child. All they care about is their own comfort and convenience and all their falsified reports to make them look like heroes.

DCF$ makes me want to vomit.

The only thing I want to hear out of McKewen's mouth is how sorry he is for all the harm this agency has done, and apologize to all the innocent parents and children that they have victimized.

I want all those DCFS attorneys fired and DCFS to GET OUT OF DENIAL about what a bunch of lying rabid weasels they are and CONFESS and PROVIDE a forum to all the parents they have wrongly accused.

We need to investigate how CASA acts as a propaganda arm for foster care profiteers, and how they deliberately collaborate to destroy families. We need to have their secret reports professionally audited by someone completely independent and compensated by how many CASA volunteers they send to prison for LYING AND HARMING CHILDREN.


At 12/22/2008 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't live in Illinois but I am also being affected by DCFS of Illinois. My ex is now living in Illinois with his new wife and family. I was charged with abuse to my son as was my new husband. After much haggling the abuse charges were dropped against my husband but against me although they had no evidence they said I was still charged with child abuse because I did not realize the seriousness of the situation. I even had a parental evaluation done by psychologist and the finding were brought before a judge. The DCFS worker convinced the judge that she would have to talk with the doctor doing the exam to see if basically she was credible to do the exam . That was a month ago and the DCFS worker fails to return the call made by the doctor. It is bad enough being out of state but when the workers won't even do their job......geez


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