March 13, 2005

Bush's Ministry of Propaganda

I've known of this for a long time, but more people should know about it. Is there anyone that actually thinks using tax dollars for these types of deceptive schemes are defensible?

If this was going on under Clinton, you'd have to close your windows to avoid hearing the right wing screaming bloody murder.

The NY Times explores the new reality that is Bushworld.

"Thank you, Bush. Thank you, U.S.A.," a jubilant Iraqi-American told a camera crew in Kansas City for a segment about reaction to the fall of Baghdad. A second report told of "another success" in the Bush administration's "drive to strengthen aviation security"; the reporter called it "one of the most remarkable campaigns in aviation history." A third segment, broadcast in January, described the administration's determination to open markets for American farmers.

To a viewer, each report looked like any other 90-second segment on the local news. In fact, the federal government produced all three. The report from Kansas City was made by the State Department. The "reporter" covering airport safety was actually a public relations professional working under a false name for the Transportation Security Administration. The farming segment was done by the Agriculture Department's office of communications.
There's even a website,, devoted to stopping this practice. Take a look and sign their petition if you'd like.


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