March 28, 2005

70 mph Iowa highway limit gaining speed

Some practical minded Iowa legislators have been pushing a measure to raise interstate highway speed limits in the state to 70 mph, with the trade off being that fines for speeding will increase. The vote will take place this week.

I'd prefer speed limits be raised to a more practical 75 miles an hour, but 70 is better than nothing. I only hope that this doesn't lead to an increase in cops pulling people over for going 4 or 5 mph over the limit.

The sweetener in the deal is that fines for speeding 10 or more mph over the limit would be raised to $82 from the current $43. This seems to be in line with other states, and still lower than some states who charge nearly $100 or more.

A similar measure failed to make it out of senate committee, however it was a bill that raised the limit for all highways, rather than just interstates, and it also didn't include the provision for higher fines.


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