February 21, 2005

The Big Dog's on...

Bill Clinton's speech at the Chicago Book Expo from June, 2nd '04 is being replayed on C-Span's Book TV. He lays out a compelling vision for the future as well as some stories from his life. The guy as always, is riveting. Well worth watching.

(as always, C-Span usually repeats, and streaming video can be found at their site.)


At 2/21/2005 1:30 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

Man, I miss that guy on the scene!
He was, and still is, the thoroughbred of this business.
Viva La Bill Clinton! Repeal the 22nd amendment.

At 2/21/2005 2:31 PM, Anonymous LL Cool T said...

Look at some numbers:
1992 Bill Clinton got 44.9 million votes. 1996 Bill Clinton got 47.4 million votes. 2000 Al Gore got 51 million votes and in 2004 John Kerry got almost 58 million votes(that were counted!!). The second highest total in the history of the United States and over 7 million more than Bush got in 2000. Bill Clinton would have never been President without Ross Perot in 1992 and "W" would have never made it without fraud and Ralph Nader. So I say let's get behind John Kerry in 2008 and take back the White House. He beat Bill Clinton's numbers by over 10 Million votes in Bill's best year!!!

At 2/21/2005 3:54 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I think Kerry would be the wrong choice for Dems.... most definitely.
He's had his shot. We can do better, and he's been damaged too badly. I think it would be folly to go that route again.

At 2/21/2005 4:41 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

Oh, come on "Inside Dope," it's far, far too early to shut the door on John Kerry. He's the front runner heading into 2008 with a strong national organization, funds and a wave of 58 million votes behind him. To win we cannot and should not start writing off leaders of our party.
Let's keep our options open until at least 2007!

At 2/21/2005 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, Ms. Blue State, you are so right. John Kerry was a magnificent candidate who did better than any Democrat in the history of our party. He won all debates, he worked hard, he raised more money than any Dem in history and he came very close to winning.
I don't know if he'll be the nominee, but he would be strong.

At 2/21/2005 5:25 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

You guy's must have taken leave of your senses! You can't possibly be so masochistic as to want to ride the same horse AGAIN next time.

You're making the fatal mistake of thinking that Americans voted FOR Kerry. I feel certain that a huge majority of Kerry votes were votes AGAINST Bush, not for Kerry.

He inspired very few people and is a less than stellar campaigner. The American people never warmed up to him and he was never able to break through his patrician manner. Not to mention that his wife, though without doubt a fine, intelligent woman, is a definite liablity with the public. So much so that the campaign yanked her as the race went down to the wire.

I think you guys must have not come to grips with the fact that Kerry lost, despite the incredible anti-Bush feelings in the country and the fact that the majority AGREED with Kerry's positions.

Kerry will hopefully continue to be a force in the party, but presidential candidate? Fuggedaboudit!!

At 2/21/2005 5:43 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

Kerry's getting things lined up.
He backed Dean in return for Dean backing his presidency in 08. The train is sliding down the tracks toward a presidential victory.

At 2/21/2005 5:53 PM, Anonymous ll cool t said...

to Inside dope; your love for Dean has clouded your brain from the huge rejection he received from the voters in Iowa. No one was voting against Bush when Kerry swept the Dem primary amongst some very strong candidates. How many of the Bush voters were voting AGAINST gay marriage, AGAINST changing leaders during wartime. Next time their won't be a sitting war time President and their won't be an anti-gay marriage ballot initiative in Ohio. If half the people who attend an Ohio State football game on a Saturday afternoon would have voted for Kerry instead of Bush we would be talking about which Republican stood a chance against Kerry's reelection in four years. We can't wait 3 years to start our campaign, we need Kerry to serve as the leader of the loyal opposition and he will be ready and welcomed as our next President. If you want to lay blame don't look beyond what Dean did to Kerry in the primary(AND LOST by the way). Between now and 2008 as DNC chair Dean can repair that damage, work from the inside and rebuild the party infrastructure to support the nominee instead of tear him down as he did in the 2004 primary.

At 2/21/2005 6:19 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

HA! What Dean did to Kerry?? What about the concerted underhanded ad campaign against him run by Gephard and Kerry (and others) It was disgusting.

Kerry did well and won Iowa. He came within a wisker of winning it all. So on that basis you're saying he's the guy?

That's four years away, but the Rove machine has permanently implanted very negative impressions of Kerry in a vast amount of people's heads.

And yes, sorry to tell you, but people in the general WERE voting anti-Bush. A huge amount of people were anything but thrilled with Kerry as the nominee, and they're lack of enthusiasm only got deeper as they watched Kerry flounder and be rendered impotent against the Bush attacks. Kerry and his campaign dropped the ball so many times I think they just finally got tired of trying to pick it back up.

And no, someone with my feelings about this does not have to be a "Deaniac", and as a matter of fact, though I approve of Dean, I wasn't a rabid supporter by any means.

Yet you accuse me of letting my feelings for Dean cloud my thinking. HA! I feel as though people that still haven't come to grips with Kerry's loss are still clinging to a rather unreal belief that they should just get another chance to do it right. I'm sure that those that worked so hard and had such high hopes, as I did, might find themselves longing for a "do-over."

But I dont' think Kerry's the horse to back.

Continue this in the thread above...

And though I disagree, I appreciate your comments. Keep it up.


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