October 9, 2008

Hip Hip Hussein!

I'm not a political consultant and I rarely, if ever, offer advise here to any candidates. I certainly wouldn't expect anyone on the Obama campaign to hear, much less follow, anything I'd suggest.

But I'm going to break precedence and offer the Obama campaign a suggestion that I truly wish they'd try.

The Republican candidate's campaign has suddenly erupted with local shills at campaign events snarling Obama's full name, Barack Hussein Obama, as though they were hissing "Lee Harvey Oswald", only with more contempt and hatred.

Of course it's a truly loathsome and just plain pitiful attempt to give the rubes just enough suggestions to let them fill in the blanks with every spooky unhinged fear rattling around in their cavernous fact-free heads.

Obama has been taking a beating with this and losing a lot of these "low information" voters (as the pundits now refer to the reality challenged delusional Republican right) to the myth that Obama, that scary negro, is a secret Muslim, a radical, a black supremacist out to destroy the white man, and an ally of terrorists everywhere.

This is particularly bizarre when you consider that these mullet-headed faux patriots support a candidate named John Sidney McCain the Third. (now THERE'S a Joe Sixpack name for ya, gosh darn it.) Though truth be told, I think they're more united by their quaking fear of a person who's even part black being President than they are in their support of McCain. They truly could not possibly care less about his stances on the issues, his history, (other than the "hero" myth) or anything else about him aside from the fact he's white like them.

This explains why they flock to hear the mindless ideologue Palin and her cavelcade of hate and fear, and then start to stream out of the venue as soon as McCain starts to speak.

Yet maddeningly, the Obama campaign plays right into this, and amplifies and increases the negative power of using his own name against him. Obama and his campaign running away from his middle name and complaining that anyone who mentions it is being offensive is wrong. Here's a few reasons.

First, it's as though Obama is ashamed of his own middle name. Not good. How can you respect someone who acts as though the name his parents gave him is something to hide, an insult, and something which must not be uttered?

Second, by running from it, they are tacitly proclaiming that being of the Muslim faith is somehow wrong and offensive. It's political correctness run amok, trying to hide a legitimate middle name that he should be proud and unashamed of, simply because they fear Obama might be considered a Muslim. This, obviously, is insulting to Muslims. Obama should not be contributing to this ignorance and religious intolerance.

Thirdly, the right wing troglodytes are using his middle name as a bludgeon and they've beat the daylights out of him with it for months if not years now. It's become a hateful epithet,loaded with delusional negative inferences only limited to the depths of the paranoid imagination of thousands of enraged (and racist) Republican moonbats across the country.

But there is a way to take that bludgeon away from them entirely. There's a way to sap the name of all it's meaning. It would be easy to rob them of this crazy insult and take away the negative power it now has, and not only that, but it's the right and honorable thing to do.

Obama needs to do the honest thing and NOT BE ASHAMED OF IT OR RUN AWAY FROM IT at all, and instead say the name Hussein as often as possible. The more you repeat a word, the more you drain it of it's loaded meaning.

By the mere act of trying to keep it under wraps and accusing those who dare utter it of being offensive, they're only ADDING to it's negative power.

Use it freely. Use it often. Hell, joke about it. And it will leave the bullet-headed clods at a loss.

If the Obama campaign used it often, use it proudly, fearlessly, and without reservation, and showed clearly that there's no shame whatsoever attached to it, it would leave the Republican crazies flummoxed and baffled, and completely unarmed.

Not only that, but it would demonstrate to the millions of Muslim Americans and everyone else that he's neither ashamed of his own name, nor is he afraid to risk being thought to be a Muslim by some racist nimrods, and that being a Muslim is, in and of itself, not a bad thing, nothing evil, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Obama should embrace his given name and he and his campaign should say it out loud as often as they can. At every campaign appearance, whatever local dignitary or party official introduces him should say, "And now it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the next President of the United States, Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!! (wild cheers).

It would leave Republican blow-hards frustrated and completely rob them of one of their most cherished dim-witted and idiotic attacks.

The best way to rob a word of it's power is to simply use it until it loses all power.

There's my advice. No charge. Just maybe let me catch a lift on Air Force One?


At 10/09/2008 8:31 PM, Anonymous No Nonsense said...

I think it's too late for this strategy. It would have been very effective right after the primary, when the nastiness wasn't so high, and the waters so rough. Had he started then, we would have all been accustomed to hearing it.

I cannot believe how ugly the republicans have gotten. And it seems like they have no shame, even when they know the are lying. This is crazy!

At 10/10/2008 4:46 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I agree. To be more effective, they would have had to run with it from the jump. It's a bit too late now, but it would still serve to difuse the effect if they'd use it openly themselves.

At 10/11/2008 10:32 AM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Last February in Cincinnati at a McCain rally, area radio host Bill Cunningham kept referring to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama". When McCain took the stage, according to MSNBC's FirstRead, he

"addressed the issue, saying he repudiated the comments and has respect for his Democratic opponents. McCain said the use of 'Hussein' as a political jab was not appropriate.

"'I never met Mr. Cunningham,' McCain said, 'but I will make sure nothing like that ever happens again.'"

The above is from http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/02/26/702467.aspx.

How things have changed. And just recently, when McCain told his supporters at a town meeting rally to have respect for Obama and needn't fear an Obama presidency, his fans booed him.

McCain and Palin have let loose an ugly Rovian demon, and it's starting to turn on them....well, McCain, anyway. Palin doesn't seem to have a conscience about this sort of thing.


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