July 4, 2008

Ah, the wonders of potassium nitrate, some charcoal, and a dash of sulfur

Those happen to be the primary ingredients in gunpowder.... and more importantly this time of year, fireworks. (along with a handful of other chemicals (metal salts) to produce the colors.)

On the 3rd, I ventured out with a long-time associate of the female persuasion to check out the fireworks in Milan's Camden park. I've heard that this display is the best in the area, and had never seen it, so I was looking forward to seeing what the buzz was about.

But upon getting within a mile or so of the park on the beltway and seeing it lined on both shoulders with cars as far as the eye could see, then seeing that Rt. 67 was jammed with cars as well, my companion gave up on Milan in fears of the world class traffic jam that we'd be in afterwards, and headed for Rock Island's riverfront to take in the show from Davenport's LeClaire park.

We took a spin through the soon to be extinct riverboat casino, enjoying the boat rocking beneath our feet and burning up some money in short order. (I hadn't been in a casino in about 5 years. I don't plan to go for at least that long again. Next time, I'll just pull a wad out of my wallet and set it on fire. It's quicker, though you don't get to enjoy the ambiance of being surrounded by all the other ultimate losers.)

Got out and stood along the flood wall east of Modern Woodmen and it was a perfect spot for viewing. The night was ideal as well.

While waiting, we were admiring the ducks frolicking around the stern of one of the casino boats, when we were treated to a couple of them, er... um... wrestling. Never know when the mood will strike I suppose. The male had the upper hand, or wing, as the case may be, and seemed to be attempting to drown the female and doing quite well at it too as they bumped along the rusty hull while the female struggled mightily to get her beak above water for a split second every now and then.

But he eventually let her up. (And it's assumed, told her he'd give her a call.)

Good clean duck fun I guess. And we won't be running out of ducks anytime soon.

It was balmy QC summer evening looking like, well, like this. (In the spirit of the 4th, if you wanna blow something up... just click on the pictures.)

And it ended up looking like this...

But in between there was a lot of this...

The one above reminded me of an sea anemone or sea urchin.

Then the Grand Finale. They blowed 'em up. Blowed em' up real good.

Tonight, Bettendorf??

In your opinion, who puts on the best fireworks display in the area?


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At 7/05/2008 11:22 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anon 11:42.

Are you that gorgeous tan blonde that was standing right next to me? The one I had dinner with before hand and who gave me a ride there and back? What's your name again? ;-)


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