May 16, 2008

What do you expect?

Reporters asked Davis to diagnose [the Republican] party.

"Well, this is the floor," Davis said, stomping on the concrete beneath him. "And we're underneath the floor." Without strong medicine, he said, Republicans will lose 25 seats in November. "We're the airplane flying into the mountain."

"The Republican brand is in the trash can...if we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf."

- Rep. Tom Davis, former GOP House leader

And then there's this:
A new poll suggests that President Bush is the most unpopular president in modern American history.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Thursday indicates that 71 percent of the American public disapprove of how Bush is handling his job as president.

"No president has ever had a higher disapproval rating in any CNN or Gallup Poll; in fact, this is the first time that any president's disapproval rating has cracked the 70 percent mark," said Keating Holland, CNN's polling director.

Nixon at his lowest never achieved that distinction.

Well, wud'ja expect? It's not like we didn't try to get you to open your eyes.

When you support, defend, and excuse gross incompetence, fool-hardy and failed right wing ideology-based policy, and have supported, defended, and excused a president whose idea of personal sacrifice in solidarity with the thousands of grieving families facing life without their loved ones because they were riddled with shrapnel or otherwise slaughtered while following Bush's orders, is to........ give up his golf game and seriously act like that pretty much makes it even on the sacrifice front. (and then lie about when he quit playing on top of it.)

What, seriously, did you expect? That the American people would forever be content to swallow all the bullshit and ask for more? That you could keep them in a state of perpetual fear and ignorance? That they'd never figure out what some of us have realized for years and years?

That this country is lead by a party of crooks, liars, and incompetents who don't care for our soldiers, don't care about anyone that makes less than a million or so a year and is willing to give a slice of it to them, and couldn't care less about stuff like the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, treaties, and "quaint" stuff like that if it gets in the way of their lust for power and control.

Overshadowed by John Edwards' endorsement of Obama (along with NARAL and the United Steel Workers) was something that is causing Republicans to do something they've avoided for 8 years at least, namely, face the facts. (of course, all the Repubs who've already up and quit to land in cushy lobbying jobs like Trent Lott were ahead of the curve.)

One fact that has their bowels tied in knots is that another Democrat won election in a district that had been solidly Republican for decades, the third in a row.

First a Dem handily took away Denny "The Neckless Wonder" Hastert's seat in Illinois, then damn if another Dem didn't win a seat in a redder than red district in Louisiana, and by gum, just the other day, a Dem won a solid Republican seat in Mississippi.

What's going on there boys? All this talk about race and how Obama can't get the vote down south and so on? Why in the last two elections in the deep south, the Republicans thought it was real smart to try to hammer the Dem candidate by associating them with Obama.

Dang if they didn't get elected anyway. Go figure.


I figure you'd be soiling yourself too if you were a Republican. Let's face it, the only arrow in their quiver is to go ugly, go negative, make shit up and try like hell to play on people's ignorance, racism, and irrational fears. The politics of divide and conquer.

They've been playing that note so long (with a lot of success) that they just don't have a Plan B.

So when their ol' reliable is shown to have no effect, almost as if these Dems have some sort of kryptonite shield that bullshit attacks bounce off of, why, these ol' boys are gettin' plenty nervous.

If they can't count on their true base, morons, then they know the jig is up. It's their worst nightmare.... that people have finally figured out that the Republican emperor has no clothes.

Even in the solid south, light bulbs are going off in people's heads at the sad, rather frightening realization that, yes, they really ARE just as bad as that nagging voice in your conscience has been trying to tell you all these years.

You've seen it, you've heard it, but somehow O'Reilly and Limbaugh and Hannity kept convincing you not to believe your lying eyes. Well, believe 'em.

It's hell when people realize you've been lying to their faces and playing them for fools for years. Not pretty.

Republicans themselves estimating they'll lose 25 seats in the house alone? I think it will be more than that. I'd bet on it.

Gee, it must suck to be a Republican who's thumped their chests and mocked and ridiculed all the people who were right about this war and this administration. It was only yesterday these sorts of brownshirts were screaming "un-American" and accusing anyone who pointed out what a lying scam artist Bush was or who dared call attention to the fact that the war was a scam based on outright lies of "hating America" or "hating the troops".

Do you really feel good about being such scuzzy, pompous, uninformed dupes now that the lies you choose to cherish and defend, the very lies that people like myself and others you so lazily choose to pigeon-hole as "the radical left" or other similarly ridiculous and utterly false labels have been proven to be right all along?

I'm going to enjoy watching this house of fraud called the Republican party disintegrate. Couldn't happen to a better bunch of folks. I wonder if I'll be able to resist the temptation to behave as arrogantly and ignorantly cock-sure of myself as they have all these years? I suppose only towards those who, like those die-hard Japanese soldiers holed up in caves on tiny Pacific Islands who kept fighting WWII long after it was over, try to continue to defend the indefensible.

I only feel bad for those sincere Republicans who never fell for the rancorous and poisonous hate-based ideology and rhetoric, the slime-ball politics of fear and division of the bastardized union of neo-con loons and "Christian" right charlatans who have destroyed the party and left the world much worse off for their having ever gotten near positions of power.

I might even make it to the Mark just to hear Sheryl Crow sing the words that have never been more true or more fitting for this country.... "A change.... will do you good."


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