February 10, 2008

Reader poll results, and new poll

Since the field has dwindled to two, the poll asking readers their preference for the Democratic presidential nomination is over.

The results, unsurprisingly, are as might be expected in an area where Obama enjoys strong support and is a native son, so to speak.

The poll receieved a healthy 544 total votes, and the results are:

Answers Votes Percent
1. Barack Obama 199 37%
2. Hillary Clinton 111 20%
3. John Edwards 92 17%
4. Dennis Kucinich 31 6%
Al Gore 33 6%
Joe Biden 35 6%
5. Bill Richardson 17 3%
Wesley Clark 17 3%
6. Christopher Dodd 9 2%

The new poll asks readers which Democratic candidate would be more likely to defeat the all but certain Republican nominee, John McCain.

The poll can be found in the sidebar to the right.
Please take a moment and cast your vote.


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