November 10, 2007

Obama to appear on Meet the Press

Just a headsup that Sen. Barack Obama is to be the guest for the hour on Meet the Press tomorrow. Let' see how stupid Russert can be and how he spends half the show trying to inflate conflict between Obama and Clinton.


At 11/19/2007 8:49 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

Anything would be more truthful than the last time Barack Obama was on Meet the Press and he assured Tim Russert that he would serve out his full term as US Senator.

The only thing that is "inflated" is Obama's reputation. How much time does he spend actually doing the job he was elected to do? And tell me, what's he done? He's now so out of touch with his constituents that he makes Carol Moseley Braun look competent by comparison.

I am glad to see some friction in this campaign so that the media will stop fawning over Obama and so that voters will see that he is the empty suit that he is.

At 11/20/2007 7:04 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Nico, you're entitled to your opinions, of course. But I'd take issue with the "empty suit" characterization. The guy is no dummy, and he's got a resume that makes our current "leader" look like someone that puts flyers under people's windshield wipers at the mall.


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