February 11, 2007

Other observations - Friday

After arriving Friday afternoon, I was walking down the sidewalk along the long row of network and local station satelite trucks when I saw a gentleman emerge from one of the restaurants and bundle up against the biting cold.

He looked familiar as I approached but since he was bundled up, I wasn't certain who he was until after he'd passed. It was none other than John Gianulis, Rock Island County Democratic Chairman walking alone towards the Old Courthouse. (and passing the WQAD truck. A bit later I witnessed Jim Mertens waiting around and trying not to freeze to death in order to do a live standup in front of the Old Capitol)

I can't say I'm 100%, but I'm 90% certain that it was Mr. Gianulis.

CNN's set-up for their live shots directly in front of the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices, with satelite trucks lined up down the street. Candy Crowley later stood here to give her reports.

Something tells me Lincoln would have thought someone was heavy into the laudenum if they described satelite trucks someday lining the street outside his office building to cover the presidential campaign announcement of a black man.

The enormous press riser where all the photographers and TV news cameramen set up. There were two of these erected in front and to either side of the podium which obliterated any view for a portion of the crowd.

The bunting goes up.

And sound gear is lugged in.

If this was Hanibal, MO, these guys might be suspected of stealing Tom Sawyer's fence. I wonder where you'd go to "fence" a fence? Nevermind.
Miles of barrier fencing were erected around the Old Capitol.

By the way, Rupert Murdoch's Fox "News" wagon was there too.

I passed up the chance to write "SUCKS" in the dirt under their logo. I must be slipping.

The Fox "News" truck was the grimiest of the lot.

Shots from Saturday later....


At 2/12/2007 7:11 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

Speaking of John G, tell me do you think the machine in RI County will line up behind Obama or do you see some of them backing Hillary?

In 1988, everyone lined up behind Simon. Sure Simon was the favorite son but that year was different because in the '88 primary there was no real front-runner to command the loyalty of party regulars. Not so this time. Hillary will expect loyalty and she will contest Illinois. Hillary's ties to Illinois are still strong and she will have the money to run hard. She isn't going to just write off Illinois to Obama.

Then there's Mike Boland. Now Mike's been a delegate (or has run for delegate) since 1976 and I know Mike well enough that he will position himself to be OPPOSITE the Jacobs camp. And we all know that Denny and Barack Obama are old friends from the Senate and poker playing pals. And the Evans organization have been Obama allies from way back. They want no part of Boland and vice-versa. My prediction: Look for Boland to lead the slate of Hillary delegates. A smart move for him too.

At 2/18/2007 2:22 PM, Anonymous DragonBallZ said...

that you would take a photo of an old man and say it is Chairman Ginaulis is creepy. Gianulis hates you and thinks you are a buffone. For you to try and link yourself to John G. is terribly sad.

If you want power you'll have to earn it. As a hanger on and near-do-well, you lack standing in your community!

What a jojke.

Take down this photo and quit trying to connect yourself to famous people like US Sen. Obama, Chairman Gianulis and Sen. Jacobs! None of these people like you!

At 2/18/2007 9:16 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

OH NOOOOO!!! People supposedly don't like me? What to do?? What to do??!!

Let me get this straight. So now if a person takes a picture of someone, they're trying to "associate themselves" with the person?

Interesting. That must mean a lot of people want to be associated with Mickey Mouse or say, people who can swallow their own nose.

I'm not sure being on the same street as John Gianulis and snapping a picture, even as venerable and highly respected as he is, is really going to cause some sort of power mojo to rub off on me.

Sorry to disappoint you, but famous and powerful people are just people. They're interesting to meet and talk with, obviously, and it's a kick. But your looney notion that I think it somehow makes me as famous and powerful as they are just ain't the case.

I mean, I drank wine at a bar and talked with Malcolm Forbes for about 45 minutes without interuption years ago. If your theory is correct, where's my hundreds of millions of dollars? (it didn't turn me gay either).

I find it interesting that you assume that the only reason anyone else does anything is to somehow gain power.

I think they call that "projection" in psychology. It's very revealing. It means you assume others are motivated by the same desires you are motivated by.

Well, I'm pleased to report that your mind doesn't work like mine.

And you write, "If you want power you'll have to earn it."

Fair enough, I suppose. I'm not running this blog for power, numbnuts. When is that going to sink in?

For two solid years now, you and your crew have been jumping up and down like some chihuahuas on meth, absolutely losing your marbles because you feel threatened by me and this blog, and why, I have no idea. It's baffling.

Your raging insecurities are causing you to embarass yourself and those you represent.

If I wanted some sort of "power", would I be anonymous?

Uh... probably not. Right? Right.

And please, since you scream that I'm somehow trying to gain "power" here, please explain to me (and everyone else) just how I could somehow think I was gaining "power" by taking pictures in Springfield?

This I gotta hear.

I don't think anyone gets power by taking a picture of someone, or by being in the same room, nor do I think they get power by standing next to them on stage, as some politicians apparently believe.

Politics may be about the obsession with gaining, holding, and increasing power, but blogging isn't.

I know both John and Lane to be wise men who wouldn't get themselves worked up like some poodles on crack over.. what... some pictures on a blog?

You have and continue to, of course, but I think you don't have anything wrong that some good medication and or counseling wouldn't help.

Though I'd certainly like the respect of people I respect, and I'd certainly appreciate it, frankly, I'm not doing this to impress you or to gain approval from you or whomever.

Sorry about that.

Your goofy rant is a real gem, though. Definitely in the running for the "best of lunatic mail" collection. Congrats!


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