January 29, 2007

Ficus plant favored over Bush

Well, the results are in, and they're clear. Most readers think a ficus plant would soundly beat George W. Bush by a large margine if an election were held between the two.

The poll asked, "If an election were held tomorrow between George W. Bush and a ficus plant, by what margin would the ficus win?"

Out of 50 total votes, results in descending order:

-Everyone in the U.S. other than those with less intellectual capacity than the ficus - 48%

-75 to 25% - 20%

-80 to 20% - 16%

-90 to 10% - 16%

The ficus plant couldn't be reached for comment, but a spokesman said that while the result wasn't surprising, "even a fungus probably would have come out on top."

A new poll asks your early, early, EARLY preference for Democratic presidential nominee.


At 2/03/2007 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone please help me understand this...

The minimum wage bill in the Senate included an amendment to bar companies that are found employee illegal immigrants from Federal Contracts for 10-years. The Republican amendment passed.

However, the Democrats KILLED an amendment that would have included penalties on companies that do not bid for Federal jobs...

Huh? What is going on around here? I thought that the Democrats were supposed to be the 'party of the average guy - the workers.' This reeks of pandering for the Hispanic vote because they know that they can crap on the rank and file Democrat voter and get away with it.

Seriously, doesn't this kind of piss you off that your party, your leaders will sell you out - expecting that you are sheep and will not (cannot) hold them accountable?


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