February 26, 2007

And for what?

Newsweek has a slide show of a few Iraqi vets and thumbnail descriptions of their stories.

All the folks who cheered this war, especially those who continue to do so, likely have never thought of the true cost.

In addition to plunging the country into insane and precarious deficits for generations to come, no one who blustered and lied about the phony reasons why we need to be in Iraq ever mentions the long-term billions of dollars it will cost to provide care to thousands upon thousands of severely wounded veterans.

Many are so young that taxpayers will be providing millions for their care for the next 50 or 60 years. 50 to 60 years at thousands of dollars a year. The cost is incomprehensible and ongoing. Yet those who routinely clammor for more war and more deaths are the very ones who simultaneously support literally billions in tax cuts for the very wealthiest people in our country, the very people which are profiting handsomely from Bush's "war".

How does this even begin to make sense? The answer is easy. It doesn't and never has.

On a related note, an easily overlooked bit in the Dispatch notes that the VA has awarded a $10.1 million dollar contract to expand and enhance the vast veterans cemetary on Arsenal Island. The contract was given not to any local companies, but one from the Chicago area.

5 years into this disasterous "war", someone evidently realized that they better make room for many more bodies, and soon. And add the millions of tax dollars it will take to buy land for and bury all the bodies we're creating and all the returning vets when their times comes to the staggering cost this administration has burdened the country with. They'll be long gone, worth billions, while future generations will be forced to do without to pay for it all.


At 2/26/2007 7:07 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

You're such a gloomy gus today, Dope. Can't you say something cheery or positive? All this death and destruction. The guy getting hit by a train and now all this stuff. Aren't you just little Miss Sunshine?!

And what's wrong with providing our vets with health care? For all their service, it is the least we can do to show our appreciation. Cemetaries? Something wrong with that? We're all gonna go sometime. I agree with George Carlin that cemetaries are basically a waste of land. Personally my wish is to be cremated. More dignity in that. But this is a decision best left to the departed and their loved ones. There's nothing wrong with making more room.

I'll tell you what would cost billions- the cost of oil if we just pulled out of Iraq and Iran moved in and slaughtered everybody and took over the oilfields. Then they would sell all the oil to China and we would be shit outta luck. You know what happens then? The economy comes grinding to a halt and I'd be walking to work (5 miles) and to the grocery store. (10 miles) Then we would TRULY have something to be depressed about...We're not quite there yet.

At 2/26/2007 10:20 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Sorry for the gloom.

But don't misunderstand the posts. I'm certainly not arguing against taking care of vets or providing a final resting place.

Just that people don't realize how much this is going to cost. Most likely as much as the war itself and for decades to come.

It's a factor to consider when thinking about the consequences of being mindless fans of war and what happens when your leaders lie and deceive willfully.


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