December 5, 2006

Presidential jockying continues

A piece in the Washington Post provides a snapshot of what's going on in the manuevering for position among presidential hopefuls.

The media seems giddy over trying to create a Clinton/Obama grudge match where none likely exists. Evan Bayh announced an exploratory committee during an appearance on Face the Nation Sunday. Vilsack came in fourth in a Des Moines Register poll of likely caucus voters finishing behind even John Kerry. Something tells me that a showing like that in his home state isn't a real good sign.

And of course a large part of the focus is on any activity by Hilary Clinton that indicates her intentions, as if it was ever a mystery. She's lining up staffers in Iowa and New Hampshire and looking to secure committments and donors in those states.

And Obama has as political advisor David Axelrod, a sharp Chicago media and strategic operative known to many political types in this area.

Let the games begin.


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