July 14, 2006

River City Reader's McGreevy to commercialize Moline garbage trucks

Long time publisher of The River Cities Reader and promoter of the arts in the area, Todd McGreevy has apparently branched out into the advertising game. His media and marketing company "Admospheres" has landed a contract with the city of Moline to turn their new fleet of robotic arm garbage trucks into rolling billboards.

The QC Times is positively excited about the idea of ads on garbage trucks. An opinion piece in that paper reads as if McGreevy had written it himself:
Moline aldermen this week moved ahead with a novel idea to wrap their new automated garbage trucks with the colorful, eye-catching advertising we’ve seen around here on MetroLink and CitiBus vehicles.

Moline fleet manager J.D. Schulte estimates the new garbage truck deal will net $12,000 to $15,000 annually from its contract with Admospheres. Admospheres president Todd McGreevy expects to sign his first client to the garbage truck ads by summer’s end.

We’re impressed Moline took the plunge on their five new automated garbage trucks. We’ll be interested to see if it can generate enough money, as Schulte hopes, to cover tires, oil changes and other maintenance on the trucks. In a community loaded with new automated garbage trucks (Davenport, Rock Island and Bettendorf) we hope others are watching, too.


At 7/21/2006 1:47 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Will this extra money from the ads help us keep from tax increases for the truck that don't work correctly? Many alleys in Moline are too small for them to operate making the old way the only way unless someone knows how to lift a 96 gallon can without the lift tool.

I sure hope so because I am paying more all the time and these trucks are a waste of money.


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