July 11, 2006

Support Judge Wright on the 19th

Judge Vicki Wright of Whiteside County will be the honored guest at a
fundraising reception to boost her 3rd Appellate District candidacy on
Wednesday, July 19, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the home of Stewart Winstein (3535-
24th Street in Rock Island). $50 is the fundraising reception ticket price.
Questions? Call 309-786-8337.
It is a fact that the right is, and has been, making an enormous and largely effective effort to fill court vacancies at all levels with judges who support their "values", "values" which often are unrecognizable to people with the quaint idea of the rights of individuals, privacy, the right to sue for redress of grievances, even if it's against a large corporation, and other basic premises of justice.

They know that when the right wing congress enacts laws, the public's last recourse is to seek justice in the courts. When they have right wing judges in place there, they're ensured that their often anti-democratic and constitutionally questionable laws will be upheld. While they rail and whine about supposed "judicial activism", the fact remains that the right has mounted a huge and concerted campaign to ensure that they are the ones in place to practice just such activism.

This effort has largely gone under the radar to most of the public, which makes it all the more crucial that candidates like Judge Vicki Wright get your support.

The right is flush with money and anything you can see fit to donate would be welcomed by the Wright campaign. Please consider a donation in this crucial contest.


At 7/11/2006 11:47 PM, Blogger Kankakee Voice said...

I've met Judge Vicki Wright a couple times now. She is a very nice woman. Wonderful family - met them all at a parade. And she is exciting to talk to, intelligent, lots of judicial experience. She's got my vote.

At 7/12/2006 10:41 AM, Blogger CaringDem2 said...

I really hoped that she wouldn't win the primary, but I guess it's one of those time when you need to do what is best for the party... it's just hard to vote for someone when you know that they voted for Bush in the last election. I was also a big Lance Peterson fan.

At 7/12/2006 11:46 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

caring dem,
What proof do you have for who Wright voted for?

Or are you just believing rumor?

How would anyone know who someone voted for unless the person has said so or you were in the booth with them?

At 7/12/2006 2:35 PM, Blogger DookOfURL said...

Speaking of rumors, what I'm hearing from some in the legal community is that they are backing Wright, not because they think she'll do a good job in Ottawa, but becuse they want to get her out of this Judicial Circuit.

It's the Peter Principle applied to the judiciary!

At 7/12/2006 4:53 PM, Blogger latinv said...

Please, enough with the negativity and false rumors on this candidate already. She won the primary over two good men. She worked hard, and she has been a judge for 15 years- pretty solid work ethic, and pretty good experience. She has the support/endorsement of the Building Trades, AFL-CIO, State Police, and N.O.W.; 3 of 4 are consistent Dem allies, so she can't be that bad of a Dem. Let's help her win in November; it is never bad to have a judge on your side.

At 7/18/2006 6:11 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Please allow a comment or two from a former competitor of Judge Wright.

During the primary season many made much of Judge Wright's choice of primary voting in years gone by. I always assumed the rumors to be true and many in Rock Island County swore the rumors of possible GOP primary votes to be true.

My response then was, "Paul was a Roman tax collector before he was a Christian. Should we take him out of the Bible?" I thought then that it was up to the voters to decide whether Judge Wright was a true Democrat or something else. Well, the voters decided -- that is, we Democrats decided -- and the decision is that Vicki Wright was the best of three DEMOCRAT candidates. I'm good with that and hope all of the Inside Dope fans will be, too. And as an aside, I personally know that Judge Wright DID NOT vote for the current resident of the White House.

I would also say that there is a good bit of pretzel logic in the notion that lawyers want to kick Judge Wright upstairs so they won't have to deal with her in 14th Circuit. The 3rd District Appellate Court decides around 1000 cases a year that have the potential to impact the way every lawyer in 21 counties does business everyday. If you can't live with someone goofing up your professional life in one courthouse you appear in regularly, why on earth would you want to make sure that person can goof it up for you everywhere?

Judge Wright's opponent has received nearly all of his financial backing from folks that don't want insurance companies to be able to pay your doctor directly for your on-the-job injuries and are against legislation calling for outfits like Wal-Mart to pay their fair share of workers' health care costs. These people are the same ones who elected GOP Justice Karmeier to the Illinois Supreme Court in the Fifth District. Since Judge Karmeier's been on the bench, one Democrat Supreme Court Justice has written the following about the Court's tendency to favor big business (in a dissent regarding the Court's reversal of billion dollar judgment against Phillip Morris):
"Today marks the second time in just six months that this court has completely reversed a multibillion dollar verdict in favor of a corporate defendant....[a] majority of this court has become increasingly desensitized to the interests of the Illinois counsumer. There is little doubt in my mind that these decisions will send a chill wind over consumer protection."
(BTW, Justice Kilbride joined in this dissent.) The Third District risks more of the same and closer to home by not supporting Judge Wright.

It's okay not to agree with Judge Wright on everything. I don't and she knows that. But I'm supporting her, I'm voting for and I agree with everything Kankakee voice and latinv have said on this issue. Get to the fundraiser tomorrow and give generously.

Tom O'Neal
ex-candidate for Appellate Court Judge of the Third District


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