February 25, 2006

Through the Looking Glass

They've jumped the shark.

We've been pushed through Alice's looking glass. Nothing is real, up is down, black is white. Our government is arguing that torture is ok, that science should be ignored, that we should be very, very, VERY afraid, except if it involves a multi-billion dollar business proposition with the Bush family's long time associates, the sheiks and sultans of the Arabian Gulf.

They howled, "What about the children??!!" when on their jihad against Bill Clinton, suggesting that it would lead to the destruction of the entire nation's mortal soul. Bill Clinton, they argued, was the moral equivalent of a child molester, and he was corrupting your children and destroying the morals of an entire nation.

Yet now, with God boy in the White House and millions of rubes running around professing that the reason they support him is that he's "a good God-fearing man", what was once instinctively condemned as obviously immoral, wrong, unhealthy, un-American, and anti-democratic is not only being done with arrogance and impunity, but being defended and argued for.

Fine young American kids, and a lot of Americans in their thirties and forties, not to mention hundreds of thousands of innocents, have been torn and ripped and damaged beyond repair or simply made to leave this life far before their time, their families damaged and shell-shocked and heart-sick and confused, all in service of lies, greed, corruption, the lust for power, and in order to swing some deals with the richest people on earth who happen to sit on nearly all the money and power in the world.

It's nothing personal, you understand, just business.

This is as clear as the smirk on Bush's face, yet mostly due to the fear constantly urged upon us by Bush in comic book terms, people are persuaded to agree that these evil, destructive, and dangerous things are OK... things changed on 9-11 they tell us, so this is all acceptable. We're going to spy on every aspect of your life without your knowledge, and we're not even going tell anyone, not even a judge. But it's OK. The president has that power because we're at war. A war that will last as long as anyone alive today survives and far beyond that, because it's a war against a tactic, a war which by definition can never be won.

It's gross manipulation and in your face disregard for the principles which the world has always believed made America truly something special. They couldn't care less. Just shut up, support them, and, above all, be very afraid.

What sort of leader encourages their people to always be afraid? Just consider that for a moment. Don't be brave. Don't sacrifice anything. Just be aware that there are blood-thirsty inhuman evil-doing monsters all around that hate everything about you, hate your so-called freedom itself, which I suppose means that the best way to prevent them from killing us all is to give up our freedoms, which the Bush crowd is only too happy to take for themselves, since you're so afraid that you don't have the will to resist.

It's all a sick charade, with no rational way to justify it all. It simply makes no sense, and the entire country has been suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance ever since Bush was installed by an act that would be only the beginning of previously unthinkable perversions of the ideals and principles this nation has always held dear.

And now, the Mid-East. After Bush and the Republicans his first dozen or so made up reasons for invading a sovereign country who posed absolutely no threat to our nation whatsoever were all exposed as lies, they told us we had sacrificed our blood, honor, and treasure far into the future in order to stabilize the region. That region is now teetering on the brink of utter chaos and the entire region threatens to go up in flames.

And how does our major media cover it?

They argue that all out civil war is actually a good thing. A sign that Bush's strategy is succeeding.

Can there be ANY doubt, if there ever was, that Fox News is not only slanted and biased and unfair and unbalanced, but is an out and out propaganda arm of the Bush administration?

The average right winger, at their core, are despite their macho bluster, the most scared, the most frightened people of all. They live in terror. Terror provided by the Bush administration.

They're the ones terrified of the stereotypes they've been fed, and the most ignorant of reality anywhere beyond their front yard, and they're not even too sure of that. These people have been digesting this sort of willful lying for decades on AM radio and elsewhere. They are used to agreeing with what they're told by drug addled blowhards, and other emotionally and intellectually twisted individuals who are being paid millions to lie to them. They really WANT to believe this. But the right have been so spectacularly successful at brainwashing these sheeple that they just keep getting more and more audacious.

These right wing sheeple, shaking in their boots and firmly convinced that Bush will keep them safe to continue their frightened existence, find themselves now trying to accept the idea that an all-out civil war in a country occupied by our troops isn't a disaster. It isn't an obvious sign that things are getting much worse. And it certainly doesn't suggest that the invasion and it's aftermath were, and is, all a collossally expensive, tragic mistake.

No, their faith need not be shaken. These right wing sheeple are encouraged to fear and hate the growing number of sane, unafraid people who see what Bush is doing, because they make the sheeple feel stupid. They now have their opinion and argument, spoon fed to them courtesy of right wing think tanks financed by right wing billionaires and a huge network of media. But don't you pay attention to the voice in your head, your sanity, that tells you that the things we tell you make no sense, the right wing media machine assures them. Any doubt you may feel is all the fault of the terrorist loving left wing extremists.

What every cell in their brain tells them is untrue and makes no sense, they now struggle to accept. And they do. And the more they do, the easier it gets. Until someone who had always had a traditional sense of right and wrong has now lost sight of their moral compass altogether. They've gone too far down the Bush road now, it's impossible to turn back without comeing to grips with the horrid realization that they've been wrong all along.

So as more and more paid right wing hacks are deployed to spout this absolutely insane proposition, that failure is success, death is a good thing, a country descending into civil war and anihilation is actually proof of Bush's brilliance, the right winger can relax.

Anyone who points out the obvious is just a left wing extremist and really wants the terroists to win. You know, those immoral liberals.

But they don't realize that they're being lulled into accepting that lies aren't lies, needless death on a massive scale is justified, greed is the American way, cronyism isn't any worse now than it ever was, selfishness is a Christian virtue, and corruption isn't corrupt as long as those Godly Republicans are doing it.

Up is down, black is white, Bush is a great leader, and war is peace.

This country needs help.


At 2/25/2006 7:00 AM, Blogger Polt said...

BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! I have never heard it put so well! It's just so unfortunate that those that really NEED to read it, the sheeple, won't. Or won't understand it. But BRAVO nontheless!

At 2/25/2006 9:04 AM, Blogger Dave Barrett said...

Right On!!! The Inside Dope is back with a vengence.

At 2/25/2006 12:39 PM, Blogger S. Munzel said...

First time I've visited your blog. Nice to know that someone else understands Faux News and its real function. By the way, Murdock follows the same function (government voice box) in every country where he sets up shop from the UK to the US to China.

At 2/25/2006 11:43 PM, Blogger diehard said...

Is there anyone out there that still does not think that the Bush administration did not help orchastrate 9/11.
Cmon!! Wake up people!

At 2/26/2006 6:30 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I don't.

But I should mention that polls have shown that majorities in many countries around the world do believe that Bush was involved.

I think there is enough evidence out there to suggest that they drug their heels in response. That Bush bent over backwards to protect and help fly out of the country dozens of Saudi billionaires and their family members. Those things are proven.

I think that Bush didn't know what to do until he could hear from Prince Bandar the night afterwards, when he and Bush sat on the Truman balcony smoking cigars together. I believe Bandar, who the Bush's consider "family" then told Junior what he was to do in response.

The ruling billionaire dictators of the mideast told him he could rough up Afghanistan, but that after a bit, he should invade and take over Iraq. Thus taking out a business competitor and enriching them all.

I do think that there's very shady, very corrupt, dealings which are behind 9-11, including mysterious stock shifts by some people as if in anticipation of the event, and the bizarre delay in scrambling jets when airliners had been carving U-turns in the sky for over an hour.

It can and should be questioned. But from what i've seen, there's not really enough there to state Bush actually planned 9-11

If anything, the evidence points to the fact that Bush indeed was aware of the plans and did nothing to prevent it.

At 2/27/2006 8:59 PM, Blogger diehard said...

Of course not. All the witnesses are dead. The press sure the hell is not going to look into it.
These so called 'journalists' that kiss the appointed presidents ass like making big pay and not having to work too hard for it.
They are more about raising their families in a comfortrable lifestyle than doing their jobs.
When you see these worthless reporters sit there and talk about nothing you know they are killing air time.
History will show that Bush and the people that are running the country were indeed involved!


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