September 30, 2005

Vacant seat in the 71st District?

Will there indeed be a vacancy in the 71st District?

Whether or not that situation comes to pass depends on Republican jockeying for the Governor's race and a few political dominos falling in a particular way. With Jim Edgar's announcement today that he will not run for governor, it puts the ball firmly in Judy Baar Topinka's court.

If Topinka decides to run for Governor, which is in no way assured, some feel that this may precipitate Mike Boland's announcing a run for state Treasurer, the office currently held by Topinka, which is also in no way assured, and if this all somehow comes to pass, it would throw the 71st into an open primary situation.

That scenario has several "ifs". Yet within hours of Edgar's announcement, Dennis Ahern, who ran unsuccessfully for the 71st district seat last election and who apparently can't wait until there's actually an open seat to run for before beginning his campaign, sent the following to party officials, staff, and activists:
Fellow Voter:

The possibility exists that there may be a vacancy in the 71st, due to the potential announcements upstream, especially today for Governor of our state.

We are actively passing petitions for the 71st Legislative District Primary to be held March 21st 2006, due to the fact that every organization, be it political, business, or academic, must always plan for the unknown and the unseen.

Please contact me if you require petitions for your precinct.

I will keep you informed of developments as they pertain to the potential vacancy in the 71st Legislative District.


Dennis Ahern
To which he added the following note:
The first event upstream has occured {sic} much to expectations.

Keep you all posted.

Of course, adhering to the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared" is never bad advise, but beginning an overt campaign effort, within hours, of one Republican figure (#1) announcing that he will not run for governor which may or may not result in a Republican elected official (#2) deciding to leave her seat to run for governor, and IF that happens, depending on an incumbent state representative (#3) announcing his intention to leave his seat in order to run for the state office vacated by Republican (#2), and IF that happens as well, then, and only then, is there even a race to run in, is, well, what would you call it? Far-sighted, or far-fetched?


At 9/30/2005 8:21 PM, Blogger youngridemocrat said...

Are you telling me the truth, Dope? Did he really issue that letter? If so, that is one of the most ridiculous and self-serving actions I have ever heard of. An announcement by Jim Edgar has nothing to do with the 71st and Dennis Ahern. I thought I had seen it all, but apparently not.

Can we get more political people who are from Mars? Who are unbelievably opportunistic.

It disgusts me, and I'm not even in that district.

At 9/30/2005 8:28 PM, Blogger latinv said...

Ahern has always been proactive; at least he ran for the job once, and showed his level of interest. Saying you want the job and actually being willing to go after it is why he has my support.
I received petitions from him at the precinct committee meeting last week, where he told me and others that we must be prepared for anything in this business. Anyone who is anyone knows Boland has not only indicated he wants to run for Treasurer if it opens, but he has also flirted with a US Congress, and State Senate run. I applaud someone willng to go after what they beleive in.

At 10/01/2005 1:06 AM, Blogger youngridemocrat said...

There is no opening in the House district 71. Period. End of story. For Ahern or anyone else to begin stirring the pot to try to benefit themselves is very opportunistic, selfish and from another planet, really.

I know others are aiming for the state rep seat, and are quietly working for the support in the Democratic party. But they have the good sense and judgment not to use former Governor Jim Edgar's day in the sun to try to shine on themselves.

Standing up for yourself and your own self interest in getting elected does not equal courage or wisdom. It equals selfishness.

At 10/01/2005 6:28 AM, Blogger latinv said...

youngdem, you know nothing of Mr.Ahern, you are simply either Mr.McNeils or Mr.Lacks stalking horse. either way you are doing a disservice to all involved. finish your internship or your job at the Congressmans office, and study hard at WIU, OK...then come back and work for your candidate.

At 10/01/2005 9:44 AM, Blogger RepublicanJoe said...

I hope Mr.Ahern paid you for his free publicity dope. Steve Haring is the ONLY announced candidate for the 71st, and he has been doing excellent work for a long time for our district. With Judy Barr Topinka running against your Public Official A, I mean Governor, Boland, Ahern, whomever will be beaten. So fight all you want amongst yourselves latinvandyoungdemo...

At 10/01/2005 10:52 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

First there is no such thing as quietly working to gain support unless of course you are sitting on the side waiting for a cushy appointment or something which we have seen a few times last year - Vershoore and Mikey Jacobs.... IF you are going to run and then you tell a couple people, the "quietly" factor gets thrown out in reality. This quietly thing gags me - why do you all think it makes the person sound more noble and humble? Really - anyone running for any office is anything but design they must be eager to share the spotlight and have a strong personality to make it in the biz.

Second, I am confused about this letter if it's true. I thought that Madigan came to RI County and basically waved a big stick around, beating certain folks down, and told everyone what the Madigan law would be about who could and could not run and for what office.

Nothing has changed with the 2nd point that I know of so therefore, Boland will not run for anything but State Rep. Ahern can hope and pray it's an open seat - but not likely. Ahern will be forced to run once again against Boland.

God Speed to him - as he's going it alone again. He will be lucky to get any backdoor support-- either real or money endorsements. Only the Boland haters will jump on again.

My mamma told me life wasn't easy and it's not!!

At 10/02/2005 8:27 PM, Blogger youngridemocrat said...

Running for public office does not have to be a self-centered self-promoting show biz program, maybesomeday. That's what gives the profession its bad reputation.

Qualified candidates don't need to be obnoxious opportunists to either suceed in campaigns or be respected in the field.

Now, some do take that approach because we all have different styles. But self-promoters end up falling flat on their face in politics. There's a fine line, and those who work quietly and sometimes behind the scenes often end up being the real movers and shakers.

At 10/02/2005 11:58 PM, Blogger youngdem503 said...

I think latinv has made a mistake in guessing people's real identity, but thanks for your interest in the kids that intern in the Congressman's office and I'll be sure to study hard.

At 10/03/2005 8:11 AM, Blogger latinv said...

regardless of which young dem, attacking a future candidate in our party is counter productive. if my candidate attacks another potential candiate, i will read him/her the riot act, and he/she may lose my support over it. it is a disserivice to all involved, due to its just a matter of time before we will need new representation in the 71st, and we would be best served with a democrat.

At 10/03/2005 2:17 PM, Blogger politicalwind said...

Latinv, you are right, and now we have a candidate from our region running for state treasurer by the name of Paul Mangieri, from Galesburg. In the name of party unity, let's get behind this guy.

At 10/04/2005 7:03 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

YoungDem - you said it qualified candidates don't have to be obnoxious to run for office and I prefer they are not. I agree it's not always the case.

But there is still no such thing as quietly running for office. The word spreads like fire and it can't happen. Tell one you have told everyone.

However, Youngdem -- Sometimes we get stuck with obnoxious pinheads in office though due to sets of powerful circumstance-- Mike Jacobs comes to mind....

At 10/04/2005 12:01 PM, Blogger theheadusher said...

You seem like one of those pushy politcal wives that think they know everything! A former alderman's wife comes to mind...

At 10/04/2005 4:59 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Usher - I am still available. Never been married and like it that way thanks.

Aren't you the same dummy who thinks you know who the Dope is? Well you have been wrong about that too according to the Dope.

You got it wrong once again. I guess if you won't answer the question you leave me to my own conclusions which may not deem favorable. Since you know everything about everyone, I can not believe you won't answer my simple question.

Usher - take your meds. Ok?

At 10/04/2005 6:02 PM, Blogger theheadusher said...

Of course "you are still availabe," nobody would have you!

At 10/04/2005 11:45 PM, Blogger youngridemocrat said...

Hey, come on, stop the name calling you two.

This is not what a blog is about, is it Ms. Dope?

Maybesomeday, I think you need to chill. And quit calling everyone that doesn't agree with you names.
I'm a young Democrat, but that's not how we're going to win back the White House.


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