September 29, 2005

Look out wetlands, here it comes

After months of waiting for board members to be appointed and legislative wrangling, the Illinois Gaming Board will consider today whether to allow the Casino Rock Island to move off the Mississippi River.

The gaming board will meet today in Chicago, with permission to allow the Casino's move to a site near Interstate 280 and Illinois 92 on the agenda. Final approval of the $90 million casino and hotel project could come at the next board meeting, scheduled for Oct. 13.


At 10/01/2005 11:01 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

You can thank Mark Schwiebert for this little gift......he greased it for the Casino and the Riverstone group by rolling over and being rude and obnoxious to the citizens.

Heck he can even say people are stupid (even those of protected classes) and get away with it even when he's caught on tape.

Schwiebert is in bed with the rich and he should not be allowed to call himself a democrat. He is disrespectful of the working class whom he represents and everyone knows it. The Republicans never run against him cause they love him...and this gifted development is a good example why.

At 10/01/2005 9:58 PM, Blogger diehard said...

As it turns out it was not the blacks that live in the city's fault it was developers of the wetlands around New Orleans that made it so there was no where for the run-off to flow to.


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