September 27, 2005

Edgar vs. Blagojevich?

With former Republican governor Jim Edgar expected to decide soon whether he will campaign for governor, what are your thoughts on how this would affect the race?
His health is an issue, as is whether his family would support his run and whether he'd bring too many skeletons from the past with him into the race.


At 9/28/2005 8:41 AM, Blogger diehard said...

Edgar needs to get off his lazy butt and announce! He's holding up the parade. Topinka,Boland and McNeil are waiting.

At 9/28/2005 2:39 PM, Blogger politicalwind said...

The bland former Gov. Jim Edgar has a closet full of skeletons that go back to his days at Sec of State. The corruption trial of former Gov. George Ryan focuses on the way the Sec of State's office worked under Ryan and Edgar. That's Big Skeleton #1.

Then there was the MSI Scandal, which all but ruined Edgar's final year in office. That will rear it's ugly head, and that is Big Skeleton #2.

Then there is his call for an across the board 67% increase in the income tax rate. As a higher education chancellor, earning $135,000 in Champaign, he called for that increase. And that is Big Skeleton #3.

At 9/28/2005 4:23 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Hmmm Governor McNeil. That does have a nice ring to it. He's got a nice head of hair, but is it governor caliber hair?

At 9/28/2005 8:24 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Edgar will not run. There is no way. Pol wind - my contacts in Chicago echo your concerns and say that it is fact he will not run - I repeat - WILL NOT run because Edgar has escaped scandal in private life and won't want it opened up to scrutiny again.

Edgar won't want to dodge those bullets. Plus his wife will put her foot down and say NO.

I think Edgar is letting the speculation run in an effort to help energize the party again since they are down in the hole statewide with the Ryan scandal and their dismal showing the last few years at the ballot box.

Edgar has no intention of running but he will help the party if he can and this is one way he's doing something for the party faithful by getting them talking and walking a bit more.

At 10/01/2005 11:10 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

See today's announcement. I rest my case - why else would Edgar have tears in his eyes....

He knows what would have happened to him if he had run - another Jim Ryan repeat -- and he couldn't bear that.

If Topikna doesn't do something for them all soon, they can toss it again and admit defeat before they begin.


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