August 27, 2005

Free Speech: Use It or Lose It

For those of you who haven't already checked out the Freeway Blogger site, please do. These folks are genious' at getting the message out in simple but effective ways, and some of their slogans are great.

Have a look around in the visitor's gallery link as well.


At 8/29/2005 10:28 AM, Blogger diehard said...

It's people that are well known that get attacked by the right wing propaganda machine.
Cindy Sheehan is the latest example. Dick Durbin is an example.
Most of our supposed Democrats are scared to say anything against the war.
Chris Matthews said that these politicians know history.
No one wins an election being anti-war. People like Hillary, Joe Biden,etc will likely not say anything but hope to benifit from the anti-war movement.
Much like Richard Nixon did in 68 and 72.
This illegitimate presedency should have never been, and the people did not elect George Bush. Not in 2000 or 04.


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