February 25, 2005

Blago gaming the Gaming Board

The normally five member Illinois Gaming Board has been functioning with only two members lately. While the two remaining members can continue to regulate the industry, they don't have the three member quorum required to approve expansion plans, renew licenses, or deal with disciplinary matters.
Governor Blagojevich has delayed naming any board members and this leaves the remaining two members and others, including Jumer's head Ron Wicks, frustrated and wondering what Blago's up to. Jumer's plans to expand to wetlands south of Rock Island are being delayed due to the Governor's delay.
The two remaining members and others testified before the Illinois House Gaming Committee,(which includes member Pat Vershoore) on Thursday.
Members have complained that Blago appears to be attempting to wrest control from the Board and bring it more tightly under the Governor's control.

One wonders just who Blago will annoy next.

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At 2/27/2005 9:43 PM, Anonymous meatloaf said...

First the Governor insults the citizens of Illinois by stating he cannot fill top administration positions with Illinois residents as he cannot find anyone qualified.Now he cannot fill the gaming board spots for similiar reasons. Or it is really that the Governor wants to create a "new board" completely under his control with members who are more than willing to contribute heavily to his campaign?? And in the meantime prventing new revenue(not issuing license) Bet he sells this to the public as another way he is protecting them from corruption and the public will buy it. What a shame


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