September 25, 2008

Example # 234,578

I've gone around with some Republicans here who pop up predictably whenever I cite an instance of Republican racism.

It particularly gets them cooking when the idea that millions of voters (who won't vote for Obama soley on the basis of race.

Why! They protest, none of us would vote against Obama due to his race or all the bullshit propaganda constantly put out (that we believe and spread ourselves,) propaganda designed specifically to appeal to racist fears and stereotypes! We're going to vote for McCain simply because we love the way this country has been run and want more of the same! How DARE you suggest any racial motivation!

They usually come up with their other usual ridiculous argument, citing the fact that back about, oh, 70 years ago, southern racists were all Democrats. This conveniently ignores the reality that the southern racist/segregationist Dems all followed Strom Thurmond and ran to the Republican side once the other Democrats and a Democratic president took the politically courageous stand for civil rights, thus ensuring that all the racists in the South would vote Republican from that day forward. (and they have.... and do.)

Southern Dems were once racist, goes their unique logic, hence it's the Democrats who are racist now. (I guess that's what they're arguing. It's so illogical that I'm not sure what their point is.)

Or they point to a dubious poll which said that 30% of respondent Dems wouldn't vote for Obama due to race. Of course, not only is that one shaky poll, but the fact remains that the number of Republicans who vote based on race is far, far higher.

Any self-respecting racist in this country isn't going to register as a Democrat, and the idea that they don't flock to the Republican party is ludicrous and silly.

Did you see all those black delegates at the Republican Convention in St. Paul?

Me neither.

I recently posted about the story of these guys who were pedaling a product which put a caricature of Obama in place of Aunt Jemima on a box of pancake mix. (along with other blatantly racist imagery and text) They thought it was hilarious and clever, and they were selling them like, well, hotcakes to the, get this, fine upright Christian right folks at the "Values Voter Summit" sponsored by the lobbying arm of James Dobson's Family Research Council.

Now comes this. Wonder what goofy arguments they'll come up to ignore this example of God's own racists in training.

NEWBERG, Ore. - Students and school leaders at a small Christian university expressed outrage Wednesday at the discovery of a life-size cardboard effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama hanging from a tree on campus.

A custodian at George Fox University discovered the effigy early Tuesday and immediately removed it, President Robin Baker said. University spokesman Rob Felton said Wednesday that the commercially produced reproduction had been suspended from the branch of a tree near Minthorn Hall with fishing line around the neck.

The hanging of the effigy around the neck is seen as racist symbolism because it harkens back to lynchings of black men by white mobs, especially in the U.S. South, decades ago. Obama is aiming to become America's first black president.

"We will not tolerate such displays and condemn it in the strongest terms," Baker said. "George Fox University is committed to becoming a place that more broadly represents the Kingdom of God — a place where students from diverse backgrounds come together to live out the teachings of Jesus in our world."

Taped to the cardboard cutout of Obama was a sign that read "Act Six reject." Act Six is a scholarship program geared toward increasing the number of minority and low-income students at several Christian colleges, mostly in the Northwest.

The school has 17 students in the program, whose name derives from the New Testament book of Acts. All but one are members of minority groups, Felton said.

Sure, Christian colleges are expensive, but you want your kids to get those great Christian values they can't get at non-sectarian schools.


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