January 19, 2008

Matthews does a modefied limited appology for Hillary obsession.

I watched with interest the other night as Chris Matthews openned "Hardball" with a rather long and tortuous explanation/quasi-appology for his recent comment implying that the only reason Hillary Clinton was now a U.S. Senator was because "her husband fooled around", further implying that her election was soley due to some sort of sympathy for her as a victim.

I've long noted Matthews blatant and decidedly odd obsession with Hillary Clinton. It's been on display ever since the Clinton administration, and Matthews regularly manages to drag Hillary into the conversation even when she wasn't running for anything.

I've noted Matthew's strange assumptions and seriously goofy notions about what's going on in the Clinton's personal life in several reent posts and comments, mentioning his routine habit of going to truly weird lengths to find a negative motive for literally everything either Clinton does or says, from her hair style to her clothing, to her body shape, to ... well, literally nothing is too catty or tooo trivial for Matttews to ignore.

He not only routinely brought up the Clintons, particularly Hillary, even when they weren't in the news and no one else in the media was even talking about them, but he practically slobbers when delivering the latest seamy Clinton scenario to come out of his feverish imagination.

Chris, I guess you never got the memo. The country has moved on for the most part. Clinton bashing isn't the cash and ratings bonanza that got you on the air to begin with Chris. Your gossipy imaginings might still be a hit at Georgetown cocktail parties, but the public couldn't care less and, as has recently been demonstrated, they actually resent it. You may have won Hillary New Hampshire.

Anyway, click here to watch Matthew's mea sorta culpa along with some documentation on how he's been pushing the "The only reason Clinton is a senator is because Bill fooled around on her" meme for quite some time.


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