October 1, 2007

From the mouths of babes

I like this girl. She's cute, bright, and knows the score.


At 10/01/2007 12:22 PM, Anonymous yinn said...

That's a little naughty (as well as funny) but Bob Altemeyer's book on authoritarians reinforces that we badly need to teach our children not to automatically trust authority figures. Rock on.

At 10/01/2007 2:09 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks for the link. I saw in the acknowledgements to Dean's book that he had urged Altmeyer to write a book which could lay out the results of his extensive research in layman's terms.

This is doubly good stuff, first because he's apparently done so, and secondly because the entire book is available online at the link you provided.

Call me a luddite, but I think I"ll see if there's a print edition available now or at least planned. I still prefer the old fashioned paper and ink.

But let's hope that many people catch wind of this fascinating work and if we cross our fingers, maybe the mainstream press might give it some attention (hell, or even C-Span would be nice)

At 10/01/2007 2:11 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

P.S. Just had to include this excerpt from the "Why read this book" section:

"For example, take the following statement: “Once our government leaders and the authorities condemn the dangerous elements in our society, it will be the duty of every patriotic citizen to help stomp out the rot that is poisoning our country from within.” Sounds like something Hitler would say, right? Want to guess how many politicians, how many lawmakers in the United States agreed with it? Want to guess what they had in common?"

Gee, I can't imagine what THAT might be.

At 10/02/2007 1:08 PM, Anonymous yinn said...

Yeah, I thought, "Nobody in their right minds would agree with statements like these," but some do. What an eye opener--and I was a psych major! Learned a lot. It will influence how I communicate in the future, to be sure.

Print version is $9.77 plus shipping. A bargain, and so eminently readable.

I read the whole thing online in one sitting (staying up way too late in the process) but am tempted to purchase a hard copy of it myself. Dean's book will be a holiday hint to the family.

At 10/11/2007 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dope, why did you censor my comment on this post - like THREE (3) times?!

Don't you like it being known that you follow the lead of people who have their living room intheir garage!!!

You are such a loser. If you had backbone, you'd allow all comments, rather than censor what makes you look ignorant and silly.

Free speech? You are just another liberal hypocrit.

At 10/11/2007 11:45 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

And you're apparently just another conservative illiterate and jag-off.

I don't "censor" anything. This is MY blog, and getting your comments published is a priviledge, not a right.

If your (or anyone else's) comments are just plain STUPID, then I will not publish them. Keep trying.

By the way, flatline, did you ever consider that maybe they shot that video in their garage?

Wow! Don't hit yourself in the forehead too hard, it might make your brain roll out your earhole.


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