August 11, 2007

Republican sex weirdos, Case #453990 Why is sexual deviency so prevalent in the Republican party?

Tell me there isn't something inherant in the mindset of many Republicans that leads them to be FAR more likely of being either A: A closeted self-hating homosexual who has uses anti-gay rhetoric and legislation to advance their political careers, B. a gay pedophile, C. a rapist, or D. Just generally twisted.

The list of Republican buggerers is so long that it would be beyond my abilitity to list even a portion of those who have been caught with their pants down, their mouths open, or otherwise engaged in things that are either illegal or hypocritical beyond belief.


The former head of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans pleading guilty to sexual battery on the day he was to stand trial for raping a colleague. But not, of course, before he attempted a loathsome campaign to smear the victim.

The newly elected President of the Young Republican National Federation, Glenn Murphy, (above) who has been a revered consultant to Indiana Republicans and who has used gay marriage as a wedge issue in campaigns, accused of sexually assaulting a young man as he slept. And apparently it's not the first time this fine young Republican has been accused of this behavior. The squalid details HERE and HERE.

Bob Allen, (above) public servant of the Republican cause, Congressman, and Florida co-chair of the John McCain campaign gets busted for offering an undercover officer $20 to let him perform oral sex on him in a park bathroom. (Much like the hard-core Republican who headed the effort to get Bill Clinton disbarred and solicited a cop in a park in Arkasas.) Then offers the racist excuse that he was afraid of black men in the park and ... I don't know... What's the logic? He decides that if he gave one of them oral sex they wouldn't hurt him so HE offers a guy $20 to let him perform oral sex on the guy? Ohhhhhhhh kaaaaaaaaaaay. Best defense ever.

Yep, that good old Republican "personal accountibility" thing.

And needless to say, Allen had a record of trying to legislate against gays.

The San Francisco Bay Times has a piece on both cases. And R.J. Eskow opines on the clinical mental disorder suggested by the constant parade of sexually messed up Republicans.

And of course, just the more recent examples of just what the "family values" Republicans value, like David Vitter repeatedly patronizing prostitutes (and his wife's priceless quote from the past about how she'd never let HER guy walk all over her like Hillary Clinton, that she'd be like Lorena Bobbit if she ever caught her husband cheating. Anyone notice if Vitter's voice was a tad higher when he admitted to his "sin"?)

And the good Rev. Haggard not only playing with gay prostitutes but scoring some meth to boot.

And then there's just the general scum-bag, like the top campaign guy for Giulianni (I think) who finally got busted after repeatedly impersonating a law officer, including pretending to be a cop and harrassing journalists, or the Giuliani state chair who got busted, not for using cocaine, but for selling quantities of the stuff.

It's the party of God, family values, anti-gay bigotry, racism, sexism, and above all else, rank hypocrisy.

Maybe people are finally beginning to see it.


At 8/16/2007 8:36 AM, Blogger Peter said...

I'm guessing that this stems from two possibilities Dope

1)Republicans think sex is evil
2)Republicans are not good at sex

No wonder they're sexual deviants.

At 8/16/2007 11:26 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Or of course, the theory that these types are perverts or homosexuals who hate themselves so much that they over-compensate by bashing the very behavior they enjoy and crave, and of course, they are craven hypocrits and liars who will say literally anything to get ahead in Republican politics, which unfortunately means having to condemn gays and make noises about phoney "family values."

The entire party is largely phoney simply because they can't possibly come out and honestly say what their goals are or only a handful of elites and crackpots would ever vote for them.

So instead they talk in code when they want to be racist, and they rever the free market whenever they want to allow corporations nearly limitless profit on an utterly rigged playing field, or when they want to support the countless measures which sticks it to the middle class while providing a flood of money to the already very wealthy.

They can't come out and say they're all for relaxed or no pollution or safety regulations. So they make up lies and spin and try to make people look the other way.

They're all phoney, their entire agenda is so anti-american that they have to engage in this sort of bizarro-world where bullshit is expected to be taken seriously and facts and reality are for chumps.


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