May 31, 2006

Oscar the Grouch's fantasy come true

Moline is rolling out the new garbage carts to facilitate their transition to automated garbage collection.
The public works department, and some temporary workers, began delivering 17,000 carts that are needed for the new system at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. The delivery will be a project the city estimates will take to the end of June, said public works director Mike Waldron.

It is not as easy as dropping the dark gray carts at the curb or in a front yard. On Thursday, one worker was using green chalk to mark an "X," on the concrete for where the cart is to be placed each and every week.

While automated collection most likely won't begin until July, residents can begin using their 96- or 48-gallon carts immediately. The city has a rear-loading garbage truck and will be able to dump the carts.
The city will no longer pick up bulky waste at the curb without residents calling first.
It is taking more time to deliver the carts than what it took the cities of Rock Island and Davenport because Moline is taking down the serial number of each cart and matching it up to the address. Marking the spot and putting the cart in that spot, facing the right way, also is time consuming.

"It is all about public education. We actually show them where to put it," Mr. Waldron said. "Spending a little bit more time upfront will save time down the road."

The city will not be able to pick up and dump the carts if anything -- including an electrical pole or a parked car -- is within three feet of the cart. Or, if anything, such as a lawn waste bag or additional garbage bags, are leaning against the cart.

In all of those cases, the sanitation worker will have to get out of the truck and leave a note explaining what was wrong. If the rules are followed the following week, the cart will be dumped.
For two weeks following the delivery of the new garbage carts in Moline, residents may set out their old garbage cans and the city will dispose of them.
For questions about the new carts or automated collection, call the Moline public works department at 797-0780.


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