May 10, 2006

Mini-poll reflects near even split on allowing appointed committeemen to vote in replacement process

I confess that I don't recall the exact date that I first put up this poll, but it's been running approximately a week now.

The question was asked, "Should precinct committeemen appointed by county chairmen after the primary be allowed to vote for Lane Evans' replacement?"

The responses show an even split between "YES" and "NO" with a slight tilt towards "yes" given for those who felt the appointed committeemen should be allowed to vote, but also felt that doing so would probably not be "legal".

The results are listed as: answer - total vote - over or duplicate votes discarded - actual vote.

YES - 24 - 4 (3 from one voter, one from another) - 20

NO - 21 - 1 - 20

YES, but it's probably not legal - 5 -0 - 5

NO, but it's probably not legal - 0 - 0 - 0


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