May 24, 2006

Blogging basics from TBogg

In this often crude and rude arena of blogging, it's important to bear in mind some blog ettiquette. I offer a tidbit from the oh-so-informative post by the "somewhat popular" TBogg.
It is very important that you keep in mind that, when discussing people in the news or the punditocracy, you are mindful that each and every one of these persons are human beings with feelings and hopes and dreams deserving of respect. They have families and parents who love them and are proud of the way that they conduct their lives in the public eye. Except for Ann Coulter. She has no internal emotional life and even her parents think she's a skank. But other people aren't like Ann, and they should be treated in a dignified manner lest you be labeled "uncivil" and then even Josh TreviƱo won't defend you when you show up on CSpan being pulled off of Ana Marie Cox at the White House Correspondents dinner while wearing a stained wifebeater and puking your guts out. Now I know that I'm dropping a lot of Inside Blogging names here but just nod and pretend like you know who I'm talking about. Remember: you're a blogger. Pretense is your co-pilot.


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