April 24, 2006

Schwigen winds up to toss his deputy hat in ring

Sheriff's Deputy Kraig Schwigen is to formally announce his candidacy for Rock Island County Sheriff shortly.

The following is a submitted short bio of Scwigen.
Kraig Schwigen is the second of four sons born to Raymond and Regina Schwigen. He grew up in East Moline Illinois where his father was the Assistant Principal of Glenview Jr. High School. Kraig graduated from United Township High School in 1976 and Black Hawk College in 1978 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Law Enforcement.

Kraig began his career with the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department in September of 1985 as a correctional officer in the jail. He served in this capacity until March of 1986 when he was sworn in as a deputy sheriff.

Lieutenant Kraig Schwigen is currently serving as the supervisor of the third shift in the Patrol Division. Kraig has held supervisory assignments in the Patrol Division, Investigation Division and Warrant Division as well as serving as interim Administrator of the Rock Island County Jail. He has commanded the Water Patrol Unit and the Crisis Negotiation Team as well as having served as Professional Standards Officer.

Kraig and his wife Lynn have five children and one grandchild. They are the co-owners of the Rock Island Development Group, Inc.. This corporation is the developer of three residential subdivisions in Rock Island County.

Kraig takes great pride in being a member of the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department and feels that his strong business sense is one of his greatest assets. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve as your sheriff.


At 4/24/2006 10:14 PM, Anonymous Not Joe Friday said...

"Professional Standards" is the latest politically correct term for IAD and Internal Affairs. This position is one in which co-workers are investigated by one select person, instead of a supervisor who oversees the employee who is accused of misconduct. Normally this person serves at the pleasure of the head of the agency. Over the years the title has been changed in an attempt to escape the negative history of the position.

Mr. Schwigen reported in the D/A on March 17, 2006, that he was disciplined by the sheriff and removed from this "highly trusted position" because of misconduct. Mr. Huff reported on March 23, 2006, that Mr. Schwigen has endorced Mr. Grchan in the newspaper and was part of Mr. Grchan's closest alies. The jury is out on whether there was misconduct on Mr. Schwigen's part or if they both deserve an Academy Award. To support Mr. Huff's concerns, is the fact that Mr. Schwigen waited until the results of the democratic primary were known to be caucused. Either way the chance of this republican winning is very slight. I predict a ten-thousand or more vote seperation. After reading the above bio I question if this is cheap advertisment for Mr. Schwigen's business.

At 4/24/2006 11:23 PM, Anonymous EM-PTA said...

An important bit about Ray Schwigen is missing. He was the principle at Bowlesburg School (East Moline district)in Silvis, Illinois. He resigned in the middle of the school year in 1984. He was permanently replaced as principle by Rick Price in 1985. I mention this because the bio talks about his father's assistant principle position, but mysteriously omits his higher held position. I believe Kraig title dropped for prestige. But the ommision speaks the loudist. Please comment Kraig. I remember his tenure very well.

At 4/28/2006 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is well known that Lt Schwigen was going to retire this past January. The only reason he did not was the fact that he was not old enough / enough time on the job to be able to keep the county insurance at the employee rate.
I wonder why now he is touting himself as someone that wants the job. Four months ago he could not wait to leave. Had he had the time and age he would have been gone four months ago.
It makes me wonder does he really want the job or is he just doing it until he can get collect the insurance at the employee rate????

At 5/02/2006 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock Island County would be lucky to have a professional person like Lt. Schwigen as Sheriff. Lt. Schwigen has shown he has performed many of the management duties in the Sheriff's department and he is a business person and knows how to handle money (something that is needed in running the Sheriff'd department).
How much education and knowledge of money management has Duputy Huff had? What duties besides patroling has Huff had? Rock Island County needs a Sheriff that they can be proud. Gordon Powell was the last professional Sheriff to represent Rock Island County.
Let's hope the voters look carefully at the records and see that the best choice is KRAIG SCHWIGEN if we want a professionally runned Sheriff's Department and no more pettyness and playing favorites with the personal.
In comment to EM-PTA you must have some problem with Ray Schwigen he isn't the one running for Sheriff.



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