March 31, 2005

Field of candidates up for Moline City Council

On April 5, Moline voters will decide who will sit on the city council for the 2nd Ward, 4th Ward, 6th Ward and At-Large.

Incumbents Dick Potter, 4nd Ward, and Mike Crotty, 6th Ward, are up for re-election.

Mr. Potter is competing against write-in candidate James Beals, and Mr. Crotty is up against Crystal Stillwell.

Incumbents Pat O'Brien, 2nd Ward, and Don Welvaert, At-Large, are vying for the mayor's position, leaving those seats to be filled.

Running for the 2nd Ward seat are Michael Carton and Andria McDermott.

Running for the At-Large position are Kent Breecher and Kathleen Snodgrass.
See link below to article with more info on candidates views and short bios.

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At 3/31/2005 8:44 AM, Blogger theheadusher said...

The Dispatch's last minute attack against Pat O'Brien, who by the wy was headed to sure victory, may alter the outcome of the race.

I've been involved in politics for many, many years, and I have never seen a newspaper insert themselves into a political race the way the Dispatch has here.

Playing fast and lose with the rules is an old political tradition perfected locally by our own state Rep. Mike Boland. Remeber what Boland and Speaker MAdigan did to RI County Clerk Dick Leibovitz, when they claimed Leibovitz took a "junket" that forced Oak Glenn Home to close?

Who's telling the truth is usually left to the voters to determine. The Dispatch's intervention into Welvert's failing campaign seems to reserect and old ghost --- the Dispatch is a Republican rag (newspaper).

While I too share the Dispatch's fear that O'Brien's may be anti-growth, we ought to let voters draw their own opinions. Today's article set O'Brien back a few sapces, but in the end, O'Brien wins by a hair.

At 3/31/2005 12:48 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

The Dope found the first Dispatch article on this issue, related to the attack on O'Brien's sources of funding, to be appallingly slanted.

Clearly, it was published almost as a companion piece to the mailing from "Concerned Citizens", Welvaerts group of elves that apparently are doing his dirty work.
This is a standard GOP M.O. stolen from the Bush campaigns where groups of uber-wealthy supporters form some fabricated front group, then try to represent it as a grass-roots organization formed from average concerned citizens.
It's as phony as a 3-dollar bill, and has earned the term "astroturf" groups, as they deceptively try to appear to be a grass-roots group, but are totally artificial.

As usual, the GOP doesn't have grass-roots support, so they solve the problem like they usually do. They BUY it, or at least they buy the appearance of it.

The first Dispatch article was purely an attack on O'Brien generated and promoted by Welvaert's elves, while the second one at least had some degree of balance.


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