June 4, 2005

Amazing. Right wing creeps on all-out effort to demonize "Deep Throat"

The right wing is continuing their campaign to attempt to paint Mark Felt, the recently revealed anonymous source who was instrumental in helping Woodward and Bernstein pursue the Watergate scandal, as dishonorable, self-serving, money grubbing, and downright treasonous.

The fact that they have the nerve to suggest this shows just how arrogant the right is these days. They feel no compunction about trying to demonize a guy who literally risked his life to make sure blatant abuse of power and corruption in the highest levels of government were revealed to the public.

It ties these aging winger's guts into knots to hear Felt being considered the American hero he is. They simply can't stand it. And unbelievably, they are STILL fighting mad and smarting, STILL refusing to blame Nixon for his own downfall, and STILL believing that the "liberal media" is somehow to blame for revealing what a corrupt and vile person their beloved Nixon was. They are STILL fighting the Watergate wars.

I even heard one whack job on C-Span's call-in show rant and rave about those treasonous disloyal Democrats and no wonder Felt did what he did, he was a liberal traitor out to destroy the country. Needless to say, the guy was insane.

Felt was no liberal, and was actually tried and convicted for illegally breaking into the homes of members of groups such as the Weather Underground and other so-called radical groups opposing the Nixon administration and government policies. At his conviction, right-wingers hailed him as a martyed hero for their cause.

The right is never troubled by concience. Never mind that Nixon has been proven unquestionably to be a crook who abused the office of the Presidency, never mind that the tapes were what convictedhim, never mind that he was revealed to be a virulent anti-semite and paranoid and who presided over what was essentially a criminal enterprise from the White House.

Give Nixon his due for his many accomplishments and talents, but please, spare us the attempt to suggest that someone who played a part in blowing the whistle on widespread corruption, black bag jobs, hush-money, and slush funds deserves to be condemned.

This is a fact, Buchanan, G. Gordon Liddy, Chuck Colson, and other felons actually believe that someone who blows the whistle on their corrupt boss is "disloyal" and that particular sin is far worse than the fact that they played a small part in revealing that Nixon and his henchmen were feloneous crooks.

Just like the Bush regime, or the regime of any corrupt strong-man or dictator for that matter, mindless loyalty and the ability to put moral and ethical considerations out of your mind is a more valued trait to these would-be Nazis than putting yourself on the line for the good of the country. Having the courage to speak out against government corruption is worthy of scorn and retaliation. Some are suggesting that Felt be arrested and thrown in jail!

Frightening when you think about it.

But what is more discouraging is the fact that crooks and nut-cases like Liddy, who should properly be consigned to the obscurity they deserve, are still held up as being people worthy of their own radio shows and frequent guests on political talk shows. In a rational country, such as in the past, convicted felons wouldn't be looked to for their opinions, let alone given prominence and paid huge sums of money for it.

For a lighter and excellent satirical view of this, Tom Burka at the "Opinions You Should Have" blog has "Paul Revere A Despicable Tattletale, Says GOP." Read it, it's great.


At 6/05/2005 10:42 AM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

I surely hope that this debate continues on as a way to educate the public about those events.

Too many have forgotten Nixon's true nature since he was later given a pass for all his sins and made into a semi-statesman in his final years.

Many say that the Clinton impeachment was the Right wing Republican "gotcha back" for Nixon's troubles and forced resignation.

There is no comparison to the two men or their administration or what was listed as impeachable offenses.

To this day, I am extremely disappointed that President Ford pardoned Nixon. Had that not happened, Nixon would have NEVER been given any type of kudos in his elder days. And in the hearings (we never got to see) we may have learned of others that were attached to the cancer Nixon was growing in his administration.


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