April 8, 2005

So very clever

I received the following anonymous e-mail late yesterday.


From : anonymous@xxxxx.com
Sent : Thursday, April 7, 2005 9:03 PM
To : theinsidedope@hotmail.com
Subject : hot tip


Since I gave you so much shit a few weeks ago,
I thought I would give you a hot tip. Word is
Rep. Mike Boland suffered another heart attack
today in Springfield. Post some thing on your site
so I know you got this message. I didn't post
this tip on your site until you could confirm it.
Please do not reply to this e-mail.
Mail sent to this address cannot be answered

Aren't they clever?? Wow!

Just shows the level of partisan moron we have out there trying their best to accomplish things for the area. (yeah, right!) For some unknown reason, they thought that I'd jump on such rubbish and perpetuate this false story, and make me look foolish in the bargain. This shows just how clueless this twit is.

Hmmmm. Who would benefit from furthering this uproar and spreading false stories against Boland?

Nice try, my little anonymous friend. Can't wait for your next "hot tip". Maybe your guy ought to cut you off for such stupid non-sense. I don't know what sort of idiots you're used to dealing with, but you're out of your league. Go back to tearing down yard signs or something.


At 4/08/2005 12:18 PM, Blogger anonymight said...

past experience shows us this strategy could work, ms. dope

At 4/08/2005 12:29 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Oh, so YOU'RE this idiot. I should have known.

And show me where I've ever posted something false as fact. You can't do it.

You can keep trying to suggest it, but as usual, you're dead wrong.

At 4/08/2005 1:06 PM, Anonymous corn husker said...

isn't your hot scoop a day late and a dollar short since it was in the paper and on the new3s about Mike boland and it wasn't even true in the end?

At 4/08/2005 1:23 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Husker, I read this as this clod saying that Boland had "another" heart attack in addition to the one he falsely was reported to have had.
Frankly, I don't know what this person was up to. All I know is that it arrived last last night and gave me a good laugh.

At 4/08/2005 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you do realize anonymight could be boland or jacobs, right?

At 4/08/2005 2:42 PM, Anonymous newbie said...

and I could be the tooth fairy

At 4/08/2005 5:01 PM, Blogger JCKDNLS69 said...

Dope- Maybe instead of calling the identity anonymous we should have this person sign in under idiot. That would fit wouldnt it?

At 4/08/2005 5:23 PM, Blogger [InsideOperations] said...

"newbie said...
and I could be the tooth fairy"

I need to discuss a little issue with you concerning the year 1984 and that measly nickel you left me.

At 4/08/2005 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God--your an idiot. I have to apologize to Porter for ever thinking you were him. Boland got sick in Springfield. Peolple told me it was a heart attack. I asked you to check it out before you published it and than you go off half baked.

At 4/08/2005 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

more like totally baked... the asshat.

At 4/08/2005 10:51 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Yes, I agree Tangent... I have a few issues with Ms. Fairy also. Like why does she now hand out big bills when I only got a quarter if I was lucky?

At 4/08/2005 11:23 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anonymous above, yeah, you should apologize to McNeil, since you were such a moron to begin with to continually and ceaselessly assert that he ran this blog, ignoring every single time both he and I tried to tell you you were wrong and in esssence, calling him and myself liars.

You obviously can get very bull-headed when you're dead wrong. Not a good trait. I tried mightily to save you from being a fool, and it was beyond frustrating, but alas, it was in vain.

And if you were supposedly trying to tip me to a Boland heart attack, why would you mail me over 24 hours after the story was posted on the site and was exploding in comments? The story was even out in the press before your "tip" was sent. Check the date and time sent on it. Your protest makes no sense.

If you're angry for being exposed as a flake, I'm sorry. Maybe think twice next time before trying to set me up. After all, for some reason, I find it pretty hard to believe you were only trying to "help". ha!

At 4/08/2005 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion. Why doesn't the host of this site start focusing on the big issues that matter, like who Democrats should line up behind for 2008. These petty local political issues have no place, because this is too much like "speak out" and represents a handful of people blogging after too many beers.

The issue is not Jacobs or Boland, friends, it's which Democrat wins the White House in 2008.

At 4/08/2005 11:48 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

You got it. I'll post this subject and we'll watch how it goes.

At 4/09/2005 3:04 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

...and these issues certain DO have a place here. This is not going to be limited to nice tidy stories that don't ruffle anyone's feathers.

People have as much right to voice their views on Boland/Jacobs as any other issue.

This is, after all, a site that focuses on the local political scene. If such issues have no place here, what does?

That said, I share your concern over the quality of comments, but that comes with the territory. The alternative is closing comments altogether or restricting them, and I'd rather not go that route. As time goes by, I'm trusting that people will learn a bit of blogging etiquette and things will be fine.

At 4/09/2005 9:43 AM, Blogger theheadusher said...

If Mike Boland was well enough to hold a press conference in Moline, he was well enough to be in the Capitol doing the job we pay him to do (according to the house Clerk, yesterday Boland missed 79 important votes.)

Instead of working hand-in-hand in as a legsislative team, Boland was in Moline taking pot-shots at Sen. Mike Jacobs.

The worst part? Boland knew in adnavce that his baseless attack aginst Senator Mike Jacobs was false, as WQAD-TV informed Boland that they retracted the errant story, made an on-air correction, and made apology to Senator Mike Jacobs.

Instead of showing good judgement, Boland held a campaign style press conference and attempted to smear young Mike Jacobs. What kind of creep does that?

I would encourage Mike Jacobs to file a restraining order against Mike and Mary Boland, as they are obsessed with every move Mike Jacobs' makes.

If Boland is stupid enough to run against Jacobs, he's going to get his *ss kicked. As a result, Boland's political obituary will read, "HERE LIES THE IDIOT THAT RAN AGAINST BOTH SENATOR MIKE AND DENNY JACOBS AND LOST!"

Boland's doctors advised him to take a vacation. Here is a thought Mr. Boland, why not check into the Robert Young Center and have your head examined.

By the way bloggers, did you know that Mike Boland did not bother to vote on election day? Did you know that Boland didn't work the precincts on election day although half his family was on the ballot? Consequently, Boland's son-in-law and close poilitical allie, Phil Banaszick, were defeated. As everyone knows, both candidates were funded and put-up by Boland in a wacky attempt to take over South Moline.

Dope, old Mike Boland can't have it both ways. Was he so sick that he couldn't vote; so sick that he couldn't work the election; so sick that he couldn't show-up to his job, but yet well to hold a campaign style press conference and speared false rumors. Which way do you want it Mr. Boland? You can't have it both ways!

Now I better understand why Boland's peers in the House, nicknamed him --- SQUISH!

One last thing Dope, Boland's assertion that he is being considered for statewide office or House Leadership is a total joke! The fact is the only route open to Boland is to crawl back to his safe and secure House Seat. But if Boland doesn't watch himself, Democrats may find a "QUALITY" opponent for Boland and simply take him out entirely.

At 4/09/2005 12:09 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I feel your pain Usher.

It makes no sense to me either and appears that Boland was so amped up about what he thought was a chance to pounce on Jacobs that he simply refused to let facts get in the way.

As to his health preventing him from holding a press conference when he didn't perform his other duties, I don't see it exactly the way you do.

His docs have told him to slow down, and so blowing off his schedule except the press conference was in keeping with that.

But I do understand your anger that he somehow figured that press conference was just too important to pass up, even if it killed him, so to speak.

But the bottom line is that this latest squable will go nowhere.

Boland was out of synch on this and to those who know the chronology of how things happened, he appears petty and foolish.

As usual, Usher, when these little flare-ups occur, it ends up being a wash, with both Jacobs and Boland taken down another notch in the public's view.

I'm sure this is maddening if you happen to be the agreieved party, but it's a fact.

When you go into the ditch to fight someone, even if you win, you're still in the ditch.

Boland did this thinking it would be to his advantage, but even though he was in the wrong in this instance, Jacobs reacted and took some equally strong pokes back at him, and so they both look equally bad. People really aren't too proud to read and hear of such squabbling, and their disgust is likely overiding their caring about who's right and who's wrong at this point.

I don't know the solution, as neither side are the type to simply lay down their arms and either respond mildly or not respond at all to accusations.

To my knowledge, neither Jacobs or Boland pass up an opportunity to loudly proclaim their outrage over every slight, real or imagined, from the other.

While these squables may be understandiby serious to Boland and Jacobs, the fact remains that to the general public, it seems silly and even a bit embarrassing. It just leaves a sour taste in the their mouth. This is Jacobs and Bolands entire lives. To the public, it's chicken feed.

The Boland-Jacobs situation is a lot like the Israeli-Palistinian problem! I mean, where does it end? Neither side will be the first to disarm and refuse to fight. Each side feels that they're the one being attacked unfairly. And each side is afraid that the minute they back down, the other side will attack.

I wish some big-foot politician would come and do an intervention to prevent Boland and Jacobs from dragging each other down to the point where the public is so sick of it that they vote them both out.

It's a no-win situation for both. But as long as one side or the other continues to pull stupid crap like Boland just did, or unless one side is willing to just let such things slide without leaping up to cry about it, then it will go on indefinitely.

One wonders why each feels the need to outdo each other in all these charges and counter-charges.

After all, are they both so insecure in their positions that they feel that the other is such a terrible threat that they don't dare just rise above it?

In other words, for example, when Boland pulled this crap, what's preventing Jacobs from simply being disappointed, yet almost amused, like a parent watching a wayward child? Why not simply state the facts, refrain from issuing the usual harsh rebuttal using all the usual hot-button words and phrases, and move on?
Treat Boland with pity rather than anger.

Where would Clinton be if he stopped every time the Republicans made some absolutely outrageous and false accusation against him and tried to explain how they were being unfair? He just refused to play the game, rose above it and stressed that he was concentrating on doing the job he was elected to do, and he did. I don't know how he did it, but he refused to even acknowledge the madness being hurled against him.

As a result, his attackers were shown to be a pack of lunatics and Clinton had the highest ratings of any time in his presidency.

Someone's got to rise above this, or Boland and Jacobs will fight each other until no one cares anymore, because they'll both be out of office.

The fighting is eclipsing the work of both men, and if not headed off, it will consume both to the point that the public will want them to go duke it out somewhere else besides as their representatives.

At 4/09/2005 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dope- I beg to differ. What did I miss? What exactly did Senator Jacobs say that would equal him to be as childish as Boland. After all, all I saw in print was Boland whinning about what Senator Jacobs falsly was accused of saying and channel 8 retracting it. After all, Where are the words that make Sen. Jacobs as shallow as boland. Please find them and let me know so I can fully understand what was said by you dope, according to my book, Senator Jacobs seemed extremely professional about the matter.

At 4/09/2005 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - if Boland did not vote and did not work the election April 5 then that may be why O'Brien came up 91 votes short? Just a thought.... Hope it's not true - hope he did in fact vote and did work the election - but if he did not do either then shame on him for being just too self serving. As I said before I saw him at an event April 7 and he was fine - so was he still sick on the 5th or what??

At 4/10/2005 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


- DOPE, 2005

From my vantage point, it looks like it's your life!

At 4/10/2005 6:58 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

And that last anonymous cracks me up! haha!

Out of maybe 300 posts so far, about 6 have been on Boland or Jacobs, and they say this is "my life" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

And what's more hilarious is that the very person that wrote that and their pals are the very ones who have posted hundreds of times ranting and raving over the issue. They're the ones that make a big deal out of it, NOT me. Hilarious!

Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning.

At 4/10/2005 8:08 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anonymous... most of them... You're so full of sh*t your eyes are brown.

You guys are so f*cked up, pardon my french.

You're way too eager to imagine attacks on Jacobs and defend him when he doesn't need defending.
I'll explain things again. Slowly.

I didn't say Jacobs was wrong in this instance, per se. I'm just saying that as long as he continues to respond to Boland with invective and hot-button words like "he is angered by Rep. Boland's accusations, calling them petty and ridiculous"
this vicious cycle will only continue.

Pretty soon, if not already, the public WON'T CARE who's right or who's wrong, they are so tired of endless squabbles that they think that BOTH men are full of shit and should take their petty battles somewhere else.


No one will ever "WIN" here. They need to get that into their heads.

But both could lose.

I'm not saying the public perception is fair or represents how I feel personally, I'm just saying that this public perception is what will likely result if the men don't put an end to this.

I suggest you go back and re-read my statement on this issue and read it carefully this time. I'm not the greatest writer and I probably wasn't as clear as I should have been.

Both Boland and Jacobs have taken plenty of cheap shots at each other. Both of them have been blasted for things they didn't deserve. It's pretty equal opportunity, and if you're intent is to come here and try to convince anyone that one side or the other is completely innocent, that's going to be pretty laughable.

Boland was silly and it was unfair to attack Jacobs THIS TIME. But frankly, the two fight so often that the public doesn't even care who's right and who's wrong. Next time it might be Jacobs who unfairly attacks Boland.

And yes, Jacobs is to be commended for publicly and repeatedly expressing his desire to bury the hachet. In that respect, he shows that he understands that this feud brings down no glory on either side.

I'm just saying that someone needs to figure out a way to stop it, even if it means refusing to play the game and resisting the desire to automatically slap back at the other.

So chill out, realize that it doesn't really matter who's right and who's wrong. All that matters is the public perception that these two are more concerned with their feud with each other than serving the public.

I'm not saying that's actually the case. I'm saying that's the public perception, and it's damaging to both of these guys.

I think that's hard to argue against.

At 4/11/2005 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

could we cry a little more dope?

At 4/11/2005 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought Jacobs and Boland were whiny losers!

At 4/12/2005 4:20 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

You, my anonymous friend, are a staight-up natural born idiot.

Since when is stating an opinion or explaining your views on an issue considered whining and crying?

Go get a GED. (or at least make the attempt) It would be a start.


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